Arnold Classic 2016

The South Melbourne squad of Tough Love Kettlebells is here at this years Arnold Classic Kettlebell Sport stand and no one else is! We win… YES!!

Simone my beautiful amazing partner.

Sue, my number 1 student for years now.

A couple of hours later the rest of the TLKB team decide to arrive. Including my coach and training partner Roger and his life partner Simona.

Sue was first off with her sets, and she did amazing. Very proud of you Sue!! 123 reps of Jerks and 131 reps of snatches and all personal best. 1000’s of people here, but your one of few atheletes. Stand proud!


I was next lasting the 10 mins with a total of 70 reps Long Cycle with 2 x 24kg! This wasn’t a PB for me as I wasn’t as fit as the World Championships in Ireland last year, but I was relieved none the less to battle it out along side Doug K and Daniel H (my former Aussie team mate). I felt very inspired as the coach, just to make it till the end.

Finally at the end of it all we got our silverware and certificates. And we were all relieved after the big day to go and enjoy ourselves with a nice big dinner.



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