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Do you find yourself frustrated by the lack of weight loss?

Are feeling unmotivated to get fit and healthy?

Do you feel like you have tried every diet under the sun and failed?

Are you really really confused?

Then I’d like to share with you my proven guide that will help you with all your frustrations. If you are just really really confused with it all, then that’s great, because now you are going to learn some home truths, that might set you on the right path.

Please note, this is no short term fad. Results ARE typical and to be expected with my RRfit program, so get ready to lose weight effortlessly.

If you think I’m going to give you some short term results fad diet then don’t worry I won’t. There is no short cuts to long term results, but these is a simpler ways. If you’re truly interested in getting Really Really Fit with long lasting results that creates permanent change then now is your time.

Ask yourself – How would it feel like to finally be more toned, have more confidence and look much better in your clothes than you have ever before? Just imagine that in the next 30-90 days from now you can turn your life around by improving your mindset, your fitness levels and your eating habits.

Lose 5-10kg in 6 Weeks!

For those who want to lose weight or just get fitter, my Really Really Fit (RRfit) program combines your minimum results based training, with simple nutritional guidance that you can stick too. But most importantly we work on advanced mindset coaching strategies, for complete accountability to make it the overall solution to your problems.

My Health, Fitness and Weight Loss program will provide you the advantage you need to beat the excuses and stick with it.

Hi, my name is Roger, and I’m here to show you how you can improve you mindset, nutritional and exercise habits so you to can get a leaner body for life.

You see before I started to live a healthier life I was actually very unfit. I just hated how I felt over 15 years ago. My poor eating choices, excess alcohol consumption and lack of exercise, was really making me unhappy.

During my late high school years and university I became quite overweight. In my first year of university when I was only 18 years old I weighed in at 110kg, that was 35 kilograms overweight for me. Can you imagine how that would make a young teenage adult feel?
Having lost 35kg myself, I know how you feel.

Anyway after reaching a point of frustration with my weight I decided that enough was enough. Whilst studying part time and also starting a busy corporate job, within 3 years I worked my butt off (the slow way) and by my 21st birthday (2002) I managed to hit my goal weight of 75kg.

So I can actually relate to most people wanting to transform their bodies. I kind of understand what it’s like to have been so overweight, and it felt terrible.

It’s because of that experience as a young adult, and now having changed the lives of others for over 10 years that I have the strategies to help you hit your health and fitness goals this time around.

The truth is, if I had of known then what I know now through more experience, my tact would have been much different. Hence, I can provide you with the training, mindset and eating variables that work fast and provide permanent results.

Regardless of if you’re a busy professional or stay at home parent, my training programs and proven strategies are based on minimum exercise that fits with your life to help you get the best results, and no with complex dieting. The full guidance and experience I provide you along the way is why this program will work for you.

Get ready to kickstart your healthier lifestyle, finally achieve your transformation goals and get the mind and body you want and deserve.

In just 8 weeks Jason lost 6kg and 30cm of total girth, including 13cm from his waist and hips.

Start Your Transformation Today …

With My Free RRfit Weight Loss Program

I’m excited that you found me because whether you want to lose weight, get toned, or just start eating healthier and get more energy back in your life, I can help. Now I know you’re probably busy, so I wont take much of your time but please spend five minutes to read the rest of this page carefully. You owe it to yourself to understand how and why I can help you better than anything else out there.

With a background in the industry for over 10 years now, I’ve dedicated half of my life to learning how the best peak performers achieve their goals. This is not just for my own goals, but to pass on my knowledge to my clients, so they can get the same real results. You see, I have discovered that after training a wide array of people from around the world and different backgrounds and agendas, we all have the same common challenges.

The ancients Greeks once said that if you have a better body you have a better mind and you have a better life. I believe this is the case in our era as well, as I’ve experienced it first hand, just like my clients have too.

The RRfit program will help move your body to a state of overall wellness both with your mind and physically. It’s not just about weight loss in fact I’d rather you forget about “weight loss” and focus on the athlete within you.

With my unique approach, I’ll ensure you see this as a complete mindset and lifestyle change that provides fast results and not just another diet or boring exercise program.

This is truly for those who require better guidance and accountability when it comes to eating and exercise to match your own daily lifestyle, increase your energy and achieve your goals faster.

Lose weight, get toned and feel better about yourself.
Gain more energy, more confidence and more vitality.
Prevent future dis-ease, aches and pains.
Eat more, smile more and just have a better attitude to life!

But first, let me ask you a few questions?

Are you a really “busy” person who just doesn’t have the time to get results FAST in minimal time?

That’s fine, we’ll help you construct a plan that you can do around your busy schedule. Everyone has the time, if we map it out and work together rather than make excuses.

We’ll ensure you do minimal programming which means you still get results whilst achieving new consistent habits.

Are you inconsistent, is it too hard, is your head not in the right head space and in the end you’ve got little to NO results at all?

No problems. You will also discover the most important element in setting any goal, and it’s not the goal itself. Without understanding and taking action on these things don’t even bother setting goals or starting.

Sabotaging or limiting belief can really hold you back. So with coaching you will learn how you can quickly and easily remove what stops dead in your tracks and start to install a self empowering body transforming belief system.

Have you heard or tried too many diets, and confused about which one will work for you?

Great, so now you will find out why you can actually eat more than what you think and why most diets are training you to fail. Nutrition is important and we want you to be totally clear on what is needed for long term results. Is that clear?

Now you may be asking …

Why does the RRfit weight loss program work so well?

Well in two words it’s consistency and mindset training. Consistency is the key to any success and that’s why we work with what we call your “minimums” to ensure you achieve success.

I know you know this but getting your goals comes down to three things. Eating right most of the time, exercising a little (we’ll discuss what’s best for you) and doing those consistently.

But it’s not just about eating and exercise. I aim to provide you with a balanced holistic approach to weight loss or body transformation.

I’ll teach you to use your intelligence and your mindset in a fashion that is going to serve you, not destruct you. Consistency with your mindset is a VERY important factor.

Now I could go on about consistency and mindset, but you will learn more about it all once you start. Honestly, it’s about learning these things for life and not just whilst you’re on a program, right?

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

If it’s time for change, then our main focus will be to empower you with the right metal attitude, psychological tools and education that will allow you to achieve your ideal body and keep it long term.

For those who have tried every diet under the sun without great results, this programs will get you conditioned and in the greatest shape of your life. Period.

These guys did it… why couldn’t you?

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