How Do I Get Rid of Fat

When people continually ask themselves how do I get rid of this fat, most of the times they have probably tried some fad diets and have failed multiple times. So then they look for the next best thing, like an abs machine or a liquid diet or something that just won’t produce long term results. Fat loss is really down to a simple equation and here it is.

Calories in versus calories out!

But is it really that simple? Probably not, otherwise why are all these people who starve themselves to lose weight still fat? Here is the solution. When people don’t incorporate a healthy eating plan that has enough calories in it to maintain their normally bodily functions they’re probably losing more muscle than fat. Not to mention their minds because of the fact that you’re eating less.

Muscle burns fat, so if you’re just dieting you are most likely losing muscle and actually lowering your metabolism. The simple equation is the higher your metabolism, the higher your fat burning rate is and conversely the lower metabolism, the low fat burning rate is. And our fat burning muscle and metabolism naturally decreases as we age, so it’s important to also understand how we get naturally fat.

Once you are in the know it’s difficult to understand why anyone would starve themselves by not eating, or not eating certain food groups such as carbs. Your metabolism actually increases whilst you’re eating, due to the digestive system having to work more, which mean your burning more calories. The point is, eat more healthy stuff.

The Answers

One – a balanced healthy diet that has around the amount of calories that your body requires daily. This figure will differ person to person but averages to be 2000 calories. Did you know that when you’re actually starving yourself you actually reprogramming your body to retain fat? It’s the process of the body preparing itself for starvation mode, so really your initial weight loss, is probably just water leaving the body because it can’t find it’s nutrients from food.

Two – Exercise that has a variety of training such as cardio vascular and resistance/strength training. This will maintain or increase (if you wish), your muscle which will continue to make you burn fat more efficiently. Cardio will increase your hearts strength therefore flushing more toxins (or fats) from your system through breathing and a healthy circulatory system.

So it’s back to that simple equation here, you actually have to still burn more calories than you consume. However you have to be aiming for a slight deficit and not an extreme one like most diets would advocate, which is simple not healthy in the long run. How do I get rid of fat? Through my free healthy eating methods, simple exercise plans and mindset training that will give you the athlete’s mindset – start here with my free guide – Really Really Fit: From Fatlete to Athlete Forever.


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