How Do We Naturally Get Fat

In all cases when trying to find a resolution it’s important to understand the cause. Same goes with weight and fat loss. So, how do we get fat? Many say that the answer is simple – we eat too much, and that’s correct, but let’s explore a different angle shall we and how we can counteract this effect of getting fat.

Unfortunately for us humans as we age, we also lose a certain percentage of our muscle mass as well. How much we lose will all depend of the individual, but on average after around the age of 30 we’re losing around half a pound of muscle mass per year. This also includes cells from our vital organs, so even if we stay at a constant weight throughout our lives fat replaces good tissue, if we don’t counter act it.

But what does muscle loss mean exactly? Our muscles are our primary fat burner, meaning they consume 90% of our daily calories, so as your lean muscle mass decreases so does your metabolism. Research has found that a pound of muscle burns around 50 – 100 calories per day and therefore that is the figure your metabolism is not able to process each year any longer as you age.

Unfortunately for every pound of muscle you lose, it actually becomes easier for you to gain fat even if your food intake remains the same. So as your muscle decreases you’re burning less calories, therefore, do you think it’s time to increase your lean muscle mass?

So we don’t only get fat by the wrong diets, but by losing lean muscle mass over the years. Fortunately for us, this can be counteracted with the right eating plans and also just as importantly regular strength based exercise. We must exercise and train the muscles to stay in shape. This is in an attempt to stop decreasing our muscles into unsightly, soft white fat, which can eventually lead to, inflammation and bad health problems.

Of course starting to exercise can be quite challenging and it all starts with your mindset. If you would like free help on how to start including a healthy eating plan, simple training plan and mindset training that will give you the athlete’s mindset start here with my free guide – Really Really Fit: From Fatlete to Athlete Forever.


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