Hydration for Faster Fat Loss

  1. More than half of the human body is made up of water.
  2. It is easily accessible to most of us and cheap.
  3. It is vital to good health.

… Yet, how many people drink the recommended amount of water every day? Do you think you are well hyrdated through out the day?

Despite the importance of maintaining good hydration, most of us fail to meet our body’s needs on a daily basis, resulting in a number of negative effects, including reduced energy, illness and decreased athletic performance. Forget all the “hydrating” and sugary or sugar free sports drinks out on the market. They’re wasting your money, when all you need to do is turn the tap.

I heard from a smart statistics health person once that more than 90 per cent of cases of low energy during the day and particularly the late afternoon are a result of dehydration. I can’t remember who I heard that quote from and nor does it matter. Because the truth is that, I reckon 90 percent of my clients where generally on less than 1 litre of water per day. So that just confirmed my suspicions.

This is indicative of the significant impact water (or lack of it) can have on us. If you are an athlete, dehydration by as little as a two per cent decrease in body mass, will detrimentally effect performance. Most people rely on thirst as an indicator of when the body needs water, however by the time your body sends this message, you are already dehydrated. In addition, thirst is sometimes misinterpreted as hunger, so we often eat when we should be drinking more, which further exacerbates the problem.

To gain a fairly accurate idea of your individual hydration needs, you should aim for clear urine at the toilet breaks at least a 3 times daily. That will give you a basis for the amount of water you should consume each day as a minimum standard. However, there is no ‘gold standard’ for hydration and what your water levels should be, nor how many times you should go to the toilet, as every body is different. I can only aim for the recommended and gage the effects on our daily activity. In addition, certain food, medications, vitamin supplements, and illnesses may all influence urine colour, so if you’re drink less than 1 litre per day, then just aim for at 2-3 lites of water per day to start with.

Remember that hydration is very individual and each person should strive to stay as hydrated as possible. When water consumption is first increased, urination also increases, but does generally decrease as your body adjusts accordingly. That was probably my number one reason as to why people didn’t want to drink more water. “I had to go to the toilet more often”. Are you serious? When I got told that, I just asked them… you want to lose weight and get healthy or not? Do you want to burn more fat?

It’s important to visualize what is happening inside your body when it is hydrated compared to it being dehydrated. More water, cleaner body, more fat flushing – simple. Just Imagine trying to clean the dirty dishes with dirty water? How do you think your body is going to flush the toxins, fats, etc without a good amount of fresh clean water each day.

If you want to hear me get serious about water intake then check this video out. l’ll give you the 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Drink More Water here.


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