Natural Cures For Feeling Bloated This Pre-Holiday Season

Do you ever feel blocked or bloated or even constipated? With the holiday season coming up, and maybe a year of not-so-eating healthy this can very much be the case for most people. So I would suggest a pre-holiday season cleanse. Constipation is a problem that many people around the world suffer from, and that’s why it’s important to know about fast constipation relief from home. It’s been estimated that over 3 million Americans alone suffer from it and if that isn’t enough, over 2 million Americans also suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS. The following home recommendation can help if you fall in those numbers.

In this article will look at 6 natural constipation cures that will help you relieve the uncomfortable experience of a pipes blockage and do some necessary plumbing work to our systems.

1. Eat More Fibre

You need to look for more sources of Dietary fibre which is mainly sourced from the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables will not only increase your daily vitamins and minerals intake but it will also help provide you with more soluble fibre to help cleanse your system.

In particular why not try some Cabbage or dark greens such as brocolli juice. Make it yourself in the blender and add some iced water. It may not taste the best, but it can be very effective in treating and curing constipation. When it comes to fruit, use mangoes, plums, figs, apricots and prunes especially will really help you clean your insides out. Fruit are also high in water content so it will help flush toxins, together with deliver the vitamins and minerals to your body.

2. Reduce excess dairy and meat

Try replacing some meat on your plate with more vegetables. General rule of thumb is to eat some meat no bigger than the size of the palm of your hand. Another rule of thumb is two servings of dairy and meat per day, the rest of your nutrients should come from fruits, vegetables, some grains and healthy fats.

3. Use a natural supplement or fibre

Some people may find it hard to cope with eating a larger amount of fruit and vegetables. If that’s the case try supplementing with fibre supplements such as wheat bran, oat bran and psyllium seeds. If you’re diabetic be careful that some fibre supplement may contain sugar, so you may need to opt for for sugar free fibre supplements. However it’s always advisable to consult your doctor first.

Don’t try and add to much fibre to your diet all at once as this could have a bad effect. Just gradually add a little more fibre each week until you have relieved your constipation.

4. Drink more water

It’s without said and everyone knows this one, but do you do it? General rule of thumb here is 2 litres of water per day. However if you’re constipated then I would aim more for the 3 litre mark. Making sure you drink plenty of water will surely help cleanse your system out naturally. Adding a squeeze of lemon can also help the digestion process along, plus it will taste better.

Just do it and you’ll see the general well being effect extend beyond just trying to relieve your blockages.

5. Exercise

Another no brainer here, but do you do it or are you like many people that are looking for more complicated solutions? People who exercise more are not only healthier mentally, but healthier physically. Studies have proved that people who lead sedentary lives are easily prone to constipation than those who are actively exercising. Getting up and walking 20 – 30 each day is good enough to get the plumbing moving again.

6. Laxatives

This is a consult your doctor first type solution in my books, but there are a few type but look for stimulant laxatives. These type of laxatives help the small intestine and colon muscles push through substances faster. They work by increasing the amount of water in the small intestine or inhibiting the amount of water absorbed by the colon. They can be found in Aloe Vera oils.

The potency of some laxatives can leave you with diarrhea and dehydration if your water intake wasn’t substantial. Then there is intestinal cramping from long term use which can result in more constipation and worse still colon damage, so once again always consult your doctor.

These are all great natural constipation cures, but could take several days before you start seeing results. That said, these natural constipation cures alone should help you along the way to being able to pass stools more frequently and easier and also as a bonus help you shed some weight. Once again, it’s a great way to see in the new year healthier, and not wait to start another “new years resolution” and fail.


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