What Causes Constipation and How to Treat It

I know that in many cases, adults trying to lose weight also have constipation. For example the have harden stools and find it very hard to push the crap out, pardon my pun. And just like I had once, many adults have experienced constipation in their lives at sometime. But in trying to figure out the cure it’s important to find out exactly what causes constipation. Here are a few common causees of this common problem.

1. Fast Food

Obviously!! Consumption of fast food that lacks fibre and is high in sugar and bad fats can certainly help along the way to making your system irregular and is one of the more common reasons behind occurrences of constipation. Cut down on the nasties and start feeling the effect immediately.

To increase your lack of dietary fibre, slightly increases the amount of fruit, vegetables and grains you consume each day will help you pass stools more frequently.

2. Inadequate fluid intake

It’s so simple yet so many of use don’t do it. Stools require moisture to enable easy passage, so little water intake can inhibit the amount of water needed by the rectum to freely pass your stools.

Aiming for at least 2-3 litres of water each day will not only help you lose weight (if you need too), but will help your skin look better and will also help flush out all the built up toxins and muck left in your system making it harder for you to go to the toilet.

3. Leading a sedentary life

People who tend to get constipation are more often than not people who don’t take care of themselves physically. One of my first recommendations is to start exercising and get that body and bowel moving. Just think about it, the fact that you’re moving around you body, meaning your moving food consumed inside you would alone improve your bowel movements and relieve constipation.

If you’re not already, just start exercising, thats why you’re here… to get Really Really Fit!

4. Internal challenges

Stress, lifestyle and intestinal dysfunctions can stop your foods from being passed through to be processed. Points one and two can help improve this, but also be sure to consult a doctor to see if this could be a factor. Often something like Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can be diagnosed, which can be improved by a good diet and also relaxation techniques.

Just be aware of abusive use of laxatives. This can be often seen as the traditional fix, but if the root cause isn’t addressed first doesn’t mean it will go away permanently, just like fat. Always consult your doctor if you believe you really need laxatives. Too much can be detrimental.

5. A dirty colon

Sounds disgusting, but one of the first things I used to recommend to all of my clients is going to get a colonic. There are so many benefits to doing this periodically, and not just for weight loss.

This is where they basically shoot water up your bum gentally, through a small tube as you lie down on a bog toilet. Once that water has no where to go anymore within your colon, it just shoots out along with any left of feces that may have remained in your system over time. Cleansing your colon may be the way to go for you, to clean toxins and nasty hard feces that have been left in your system over time.

But if the idea of that doesn’t sound to enticing then (it generally doesn’t especially for guys) then I recommend starting with my tips in this article here on cleansing your colon naturally. Anyway get over whatever idea you have of it and just do it. I do it at least 3-4 times per year, as other benefits out weight the “idea”. This includes, better nutrition absorption, a lighter leaner feel, weight loss and just knowing that I have any exccess poo out of my system.

Please note that having a dirty colon may be a huge factor in what causes constipation and weight retention. Colon health is also important in preventing colon cancer.

These are just some of the common factors that can causes of constipation. Remember, when trying to establish what causes constipation it’s important to analyze some of the things you may or may not be doing in your life. For fast constipation relief apply some of the solutions above, that apply to you and see how it can help you with any symptoms you may have. And of course, if problems persist always consult your doctor.


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