Why You Have To Clean Out Your Colon

When I first got a Colonic (also can be known as an enema), it was a weird (understatement) experience. Having something stuck up my bum for 45 minutes, and warm water being injected through my system and lower intestines is certainly something most people (specially males) think are quite grouse, understandably.

But let me tell you know, I’m addicted. And every 3 months I generally get a Colonic done. Here is why.

If you believe you’re having problems with your digestive system you’re probably right. My feeling was more of one being a little stuck, probably from the high in protein diets over time. But you see what’s linked to your digestive system is you colon and it’s a very important part of the body to understand.

Neglected, the Colon can cause many problems that prevent it from doing what it’s meant to do. It’s job is to properly eliminate waste in the form of faeces, and reabsorb food nutrient and water. When not functioning properly the colon develops what’s known as an impaction.

Impaction is where all or some of the faeces remain their unnecessarily stopping normal bowel movements, causing constipation, IBS and other symptoms such as bad breath, bloating and stomach cramps.

The waste material that may remain in the colon can potentially result in toxic poisoning of the system as a result of the absorption of the waste materials back in the body. This is where cleansing the colon naturally can come handy.

This is not mine, but I thought I might grouse you out, so you’d think twice about cleansing. Just Google ‘colonic’, ‘tape worm’ or ‘toxic bowel’ to see more bad things/images that can remain in your system.cleanse colon naturally

Anyway, moving on. Colon cleansing is simply the flushing out of built up waste materials, tacked on to your system, mainly intestines in this case. Don’t think that just going to the toilet is good enough. Even if you believe your fine and healthy cleansing the colon should be a regular part of everyone’s life.

Regardless how healthy you are or how regularly you go to the toilet, it’s believed that the average adult has between five and up to forty pounds of waste materials built up inside their bowels.

Unfortunately these days, we are subject to so many toxic ingredients from the foods, you too are bound to have something built up within you that’s two stubborn to be passed.

Needless to say that cleansing your colon naturally should be an important part of your yearly, or even monthly routine. There are various ways you can do it, either through diet, through supplements or getting a colonic irrigation.

I’d always recommend you begin with looking at a natural colon cleanse method through dieting to create a healthy digestive system. Here are some tips to start to cleanse your colon naturally:

Drink More Water

Give. Number one rule of thumb when you want to clean you system and colon out is to drink more water. Water helps breakdown the leftovers inside you and promotes more bowel movements.

Stick to just Fruit and Vegetables (for a few days)

Protein sources such as meat and dairy are all needed by the body, however sometimes it can get a bit much. When you’re find it hard to go regularly to the toilet then that might mean that you are too stocked up on the stuff that’s hard to break down.

I recommend sticking to a variety of fruit (2-4 serves) and vegetables (5-10 serves, including legumes) diet for at least 3 days as these foods will provide you much need fibre, nutrients and are easily digestible.

After that incorporate your meat and dairy back into your diet slowly until you find the optimal amount need to remain regular.

Increase Fibre Intake (slightly)

Don’t go to far when it comes to fibre intake. Your goal is between 20 – 30 grams of fibre per day. If your fruit and vegetables intake has increased, then your fibre intake will have increased.

You may want to look into getting a soluble fibre supplement just to ensure your getting your recommended dosage.

Walk 30 minutes each day

Yes, believe it or not having a healthy system and colon also has a lot to do with regular exercise. Movement promotes bowel movements. I shouldn’t have to reel off all the other benefits of regular exercise. Just do it!

Prevent Cancer and Lose Weight!

If you think that cleansing your system out is only required to make you feel better then think again. Cleansing your colon is not only useful to help prevent colon cancer, but it can also assist your a lot in losing weight. After a cleanse or Colonic people can lose up too 2kg. That’s a great start.

Cleansing your colon naturally, whether it be though diet and/or going to your local Colon Hydrotherapy service doesn’t require a lot of effort. That’s why I recommend it as a system restart from time to time, or between 3-4 times per year.


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