How to Begin Your Body Transformation This Year

Here is 5 sure fire tips to forget resolutions and start thinking action for life. The best new years advice I can give you is – cut the crap and get moving already. And after you have read this article here are 20 more fat ugly truth’s you must to understand.

Regardless if it’s losing weight, getting fit, getting toned, becoming a body builder or starting a new sport, don’t let your better intentions slip to the same old self defeating habits.

Firstly however let’s understand the global pain and see if you’re a part of it all.

  • Multiple studies have shown that within weeks of the starting a new resolution, 53% of people set themselves up to abandon their aspirations before they even start. A 2002 study by the Journal of Clinical Psychology found that 75% of people stick to their weight loss goals for a week, while only 46% are still on track six months later.
  • These stats where from 2002, it’s probably MUCH worse today as our population increases and there is more confusion on health and fitness than ever before.
  • People who are considered overweight or obese pay on average 42% (estimated to be over $1000) more in health care costs than normal-weight individuals. Are you ready to make a small investment in your health to help yourself and help inspire others to reduce spiraling medical costs?
  • Understandably, most studies demonstrate that obesity heavily increases your chance of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cancer, diabetes, premature death and other diseases. Funnily enough heart disease, generally caused through obesity is the number one killer of humans well in front of homicide.

If you’re reading this and you feel a part of it all, but finally want to make a change for good then commence  your ‘whole year evolution’ today, with these quick tips.

1. Setting 1 major goal, and one goal only.

Chances are that if you channel and focus all your energy into one major goal you will stick to it rather than trying to juggle to many things at once. Enter your goals here to get some help with your goals setting as it’s not as easy as you think.

2. Plan ahead.

Set aside some time to plan your first goal and then when you have accomplished that you can go ahead and set other plans of action when it comes to your eating and exercise.

3. Make a new goals.

Sometimes if you set the same goals year after year, and fail to stick to it, it might be a sign to try something new. Go for something different something you are 100% confident you can achieve. Then as time goes by you will be more equipped to tackle the bigger tasks.

4. Get help.

See everything around you and ask yourself, what help, what resources do I need to achieve my goal. I.e. Personal Trainer, a Personal Coach, husband, family, friends (mind you the last 3 options are sometimes not the best help) and gym. This also gives you accountability.

5. Just get going!

Take action right now. Write your goal, and take the next step to achieving it. Chunking your goal down to smaller steps will seem much more achievable then having that sometimes overwhelming goal. So if you’ve gone to the trouble of planning 3 x 30 minute walks this week… then go ahead right now and get your first one done!

There you have it, instead of focusing on things such a “New Year’s Resolution“, you need to focus on the “Whole Years Evolution” meaning it ain’t going to happen over night but it will happen over the years.

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