6 Weight Lifting Rules to Grow From Skinny to Muscly

Here are six weight lifting rules that you must abide by if your one of those that want to go from skinny to muscle bound, when you are starting body building. Whether it’s if you want to add some muscle for your own health, or you would like to look better in front of the opposite sex this summer. Adding muscle has many benefits, so make sure you follow these rules when weights training and you will be singing Popeye the Sailor man with your new found muscle before you know it.

Body building is basically where the body is made to work against gravity and in that process the body adapts, becomes stronger and forms more muscular shape. In my opinion if you have ever wanted to do some exercise you are in fact a “body builder”. Because you are attempting to reshape your body. Rather than the stricter sense where we think only think of competitive body builders. However, if you think about it, if your lifting weights, swimming or running on a treadmill, are you not trying to shape, maintain or strengthen your body? Hence we’re all body builders, so these rules can also apply to the every day gym goer who wants to get more muscle toned, and not too fused about getting bigger.

  1. Avoid 1000 sets! Yes, get in and get out of the gym As a skinny person you need to concentrate on intensity and heavy weights rather than 20 sets of lower weights. Focus on getting plenty of rest as well. You aim should be no more than 10 – 12 sets or less, then focus on getting your rest.
  2. Forget about the small isolated muscle exercise! On a 3-4 day split program, focusing on compound exercises such as squats, bench presses, deadlifts, rows and military presses will really hit you big muscle groups and strengthen the smaller ones along the way, so that you will be seeing your new muscles popping out sooner as well as making the most of your time in the gym.
  3. Cut Cardio! You will need the calories for muscle building. You are not fat, so make sure you eat well and focus on retaining the needed calories to recover and perform and even more intense session in the weights room next time. Do no more than 1-2 moderate cardio sessions per week.
  4. Get rest! Whether its skinny to muscle, or flab to muscle you’ll need your sleep. Maintain your social life but make sure you don’t sacrifice your sleep as you will need it once again for body repair, muscle growth and to getting the most from you next session. Cut your sleep short, then expect to cut your results short!
  5. Maintain form! Technique is everything, concentrate on working the muscle rather than swing the weight around. Bonus is it will even prevent injury and you wont be cheating yourself of results. Find out about form from an expert or trainer.
  6. Find a mentor or good gym partner! A person who has done it all before or really wants to achieve the same goal as you can be of great help. Someone who went from skinny to muscle bound is ideal, but having two people to going in and dominate the weights room will be enough to see you through the grind of the gym and will do wonders for your motivation. When it comes to mentors or role models you don’t need to be in their physical presense it can be someone who that you read about and want to look like while you focus on their habits, and within months you wont recognise yourself.

When we get in the gym to build our body and participate in resistance training our muscles (composed of fibers) tire out. This then leads to recruiting new muscle fibers, or muscle gain. This only happens however if the weight is heavy enough and that the any amount of weight can only be lifted to failure or to the prescribed number of repetitions, so remember to stick to a program. I have programs for you in my free subscription here.

Summed up, to get from skinny to muscle, get in the gym, train hard, eat well, rest well, then repeat. Within a few months you will no longer be looking at that skinny figure but rather (if you’re eating your spinach) flexing those Popeye like muscles instead.


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