A Female Perspective on Body Transformation

I have to admit that when I first heard about the Metabolic Precision (MP) program, I was a bit skeptical about what it was all about. After all my experience after having read and applied so many eating and exercise plans myself in the past, I really thought that MP was just another hyped up program would repeat everything I was already taught and practicing that it wouldn’t be able to live up to it’s expectations. Wasn’t I wrong!

Once I open up my mind to the idea of giving the trainers certification a go, I was amazed at all the new information I was able to learn. Not only that, but the masterminds behind the whole MP program (Dr. Paul Cribb and Sharlene Sault) where real life people that I actually had the privilege of meeting in person and who both taught the course and walked the talk themselves.

The course and information that I learned was not only new, it was logical and made sense. It was actually so good to see a program fully backed by science and the results produced by transformers before hand. Check out their website for more great female body transformations.

Once I had become a fully certified MP transformation specialist, not only did I apply the eating principles myself but I couldn’t wait to apply them to my clients. Needless to say the results where amazing. This truly was a program where clients would be able to eat more then what they thought possible, but also exercise less than they thought reasonable. Check out just one of my clients success story here which shows an amazing female body transformation in just 3 months, plus has an interview with what she did.

Eating the MP way to this day myself, I was also eating more and staying the same lean size myself, yet I would have much more energy. Working the hours that I do most days (from 7am to 9:30pm, with a small break in the middle. MP was just the healthy eating and exercise lifestyle I needed to maintain my results.

It was like the resource that I wish I had 10 years ago, it kind of combines all my research (from heaps of books, diets and exercise plans) into one. I can honestly say that to this day I have not found a better system still. It actually matches your calorie intake with calorie expenditure (without calorie anal-ying) and creates the fired up metabolic environment that everyone deserves. That’s if they really want to look good, feel good and function optimally!

Having said all that, I now want to pass you to Sharlene Sault – 2 times Ms Natural Olympia, co-creator of MP and current day user. In her great article below she discusses her mindset and how you really don’t have to (and shouldn’t diet) like a typical body builder or fad dieter would to get and maintain the body you want.

Now fellas, even though the title says “a female perspective” don’t be scared because I guarantee you will learn a thing or more yourself.

Remember, modelling success is how success is created.

Body transformation – a female perspective

Shar10010Hi everyone!

As your transformation challenge progresses I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts and insights about body transformation, and obviously, I’ll be providing a uniquely “female perspective”.

For many women, I know body image can be a difficult topic to deal with and even though I’ve won 2 world figure-shaping titles, I’m still a woman and therefore have all the concerns and hang-ups about my body that many women do! I met so many terrific people during our seminars & courses, your inspirational stories have inspired me to to pass on some of my experiences so that other women – no matter what their age, can benefit.

Even though I’m a world champion in figure-shaping, you might be surprised to know that I’ve always struggled with my own body image – particularly in my teens and 20’s. That’s why I got into the competitive side of physique transformation.

I had a strong athletic background in high school– I was very good at sprinting, hockey and I even played Aussie Rules! I started training with weights as a form of rehabilitation after a terrible knee injury which resulted in an entire knee-reconstruction.

I saw how my body responded to training and I liked it. So-much-so that I in my early 20’s I sought the guidance of a trainer and the rest as they say, is history!

Let me tell you, when I picked up my first dumbbell in my first “proper” workout with my trainer, never did I imagine winning any title, let-alone, a world title – twice! I just wanted to improve my body.

When I started training (back in the early 90’s), the whole concept of body transformation was relatively unheard of in the mainstream public – the gyms and fitness centres had not embraced the concept the way that fitness clubs do today. Looking back now, I’d have to say that the only type of “transformation challenge” available was a physique competition – where men and women get up on stage in their swim suits, oiled up and get judged during formal posing and a informal posing routine.

I gravitated towards competing in physique competitions as a way of creating an ‘end-point’ and accountability – as a woman what better motivation is there to stick to your diet and exercise plan, knowing that in a matter of weeks you’ll be standing up on a stage in nothing but a skimpy bikini!

However, back then I didn’t have a clue about diet and exercise, I was guided solely by my trainer at the time – some of them were professional bodybuilders that were very successful themselves. I merely followed what these athletes did prior to competition to look the way they looked.

Unfortunately, physique competitions in a lot of ways are complete contradictions. By that I mean, although physique athletes look great on stage – the super lean body, firm butt, ripped legs and chiseled abs, they are anything but a picture of health.

Most physique athletes will tell you by the time they step on stage for their “moment”, they are exhausted (from the hours-a-day, 7 day-a-week training), weak and depleted (from the ridiculous diets many follow) and broke – both financially and emotionally! Competitions are expensive, the hours and hours a day of training (sometimes three times a day back then) and extreme dieting leaves very little time or energy for a career or relationships.

I was fortunate enough to have a stable occupation as a primary school teacher and supportive staff, but I can tell you, during the 6 months of “contest time” each year, my performance in the class room really did diminish. From my early 20’s up to my 30th birthday every year was training, dieting and competing while fitting-in the demands of full-time school teaching. It was a great experience and I’ll never regret it, but looking back now, I can see I was in a time-warp and didn’t get much else done.

Another thing I was experiencing were the repercussions of competing – the extreme training and dieting. My weight and metabolism fluctuated wildly each year. As a result, I had to work harder (exercise longer) and eat less each year to “get into contest shape”. By the time I had won my 2nd world title at the age of 30, I knew my health was suffering.

Apart from getting ill frequently, the quality of my skin, nails and hair was in poor condition. Even though I didn’t realize it back then, I was always exhausted. After my last competition, due to the severe water restrictions my coach had me on, my kidneys were aching! It was time to give the game up.

I’d had a good run, in fact, I retired an undefeated, two-time world champion. And I’m proud to say I never used drugs and I always competed in drug-tested federations.

The problem was, I got into competitions only because I wanted to improve my body. But the entire approach is completely unsustainable. The diets I followed were anything but healthy, the amount of training I did consumed my entire life, it took hours every day – by the time each contest rolled around I was mentally and physically exhausted. Ironically and alarmingly, virtually every female competitor I knew in the sport ended up with more weight problems than Oprah and Kirstie Alley combined.

I got into competitions only because I wanted to improve my body. But the entire approach is completely unsustainable.

Women pay a huge price for physique competition – the yoyo diets and excessive exercise create a rebound effect which results in rapid body weight gains and a metabolism that makes fat loss a nightmare. Quite often, you would not even recognize many female champs when they are “out of competition”.

So I was in a terrible dilemma. I desperately wanted the super lean, fit looking body I had in my competition days but I couldn’t possibly do what I’d been doing previously to get it.

I’m a big believer in fate, and as fate would have it, I met Paul (Cribb) toward the end of my career. In fact I met Paul at a fitness expo after I’d won my first world title and was preparing for my title defence.

A relationship blossomed and he’s been the love of my life ever since (awhh!!) However, back then, Paul stayed out of my competition preparation for that 2nd world title – he knew that I had to listen to my current coach and stay focused (the worst thing anyone can do is employ a personal trainer and then listen to someone or anything else).

To Paul’s credit, he stood back, watched and supported me as I practically made every single diet and exercise mistake in the book. Yes, I won my 2nd world title but the toll it took on my health and my body was quite horrible and shocking.

After all the smoke had cleared from that second title win and I was no longer employing my coach I turned to Paul and practically said “you’ve got to help me! I don’t want to look like all those other women after they finish competing! I want to look good but I don’t want to kill myself doing it!”

Now as you know, sometimes bad habits die hard. Also, sometimes the last person you listen to is your partner. Even though at the time, Paul was working with some of the best drug free bodybuilders in the world and getting them into phenomenal condition, I didn’t always listen to his advice – after all I am a woman!

It took a few years to sink in, but what Paul was teaching me was, in essence, Metabolic Precision – the science of working with your metabolism to create and keep the body I wanted.

Probably the reason it took a while for Paul’s wisdom to sink in was because, like most girls, I was programmed for instant results – a few weeks on a crazy diet and presto, a result. A lot of women get frustrated, as I did, by failing to understand that you cannot undo 10-15 years of metabolic abuse in a matter of weeks.

Remember ladies every stupid diet you follow to get a quick fix makes it harder to achieve the end result.

I followed my share of crazy diets. I think it took about 12-24 months of Metabolic Precision to get my body to a point where I started to see the changes I wanted. Yes, 12 to 24 months. However, the most rewarding part is, the longer I followed MP, the easier it became to achieve and keep terrific results. To this day, I still follow MP to the letter. The fact is, I haven’t competed for 10 years, but I think my body looks better now I’m 40 than it did when I won my world title in my 20s. Plus, I eat more food and exercise less than I ever have in my entire life!!!!

Even today, virtually wherever I go and the topic of exercise or training pops up, someone takes one look at me and asks “so when’s the next competition?”

I tell them there isn’t one. (Not at the moment anyway!) They can’t believe I look like this all the time. To me, it’s no effort.

How many women can honestly say they look better at 40 than they did at 25 years of age? I can. And I have to thank Paul for showing me how to do it.

The fact is, I haven’t competed for 10 years, but my body looks better now I’m 40 than it did when I won my world title in my 20s. Plus, I eat more food and exercise less than I ever have in my entire life!!!!

I suppose the take home message from this article is, with Metabolic Precision, you really do have the best possible way forward. Believe me, I’m living proof. I’ve followed just about every diet and exercise program there is. The MP way has been a big part of a very liveable life for a long time now and I can honestly say, every year it’s been easier and easier to keep the body I’ve always wanted.


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