Becoming a Genius With Your Health and Fitness

What is a genius and more so what is a genius with your health and fitness? Really, we all are geniuses whether you like it or not. It’s just a matter of you wanting to use your genius state, and I’ll show you how to with my 6 steps to becoming a genius with your health and fitness. My definition of genius in health and fitness ultimately understands that it’s more important to focus on overall health and well being and not just weight loss. Many would define a ‘genius’ as Alert Einstein for example, but you don’t have to be like Albert Einstein to be in a genius status. I believe we can all claim to be our very own genius, by being someone who is ready and willing to achieve whatever we want and to be able to create permanent change. If you haven’t seen the previous video on change then I do mentioned the Change Model (part 1) in the video below. Through out your journey in become a health and fitness genius you are going to have to understand change and progression if you want permanent change, so be sure to have watched this first Preparing Your Mindset to Lose Weight.

Just look at some of the examples that the online dictionary has come up with about the word – Genius. Couldn’t this be true for all of us? Of course.

  1. Extraordinary intellectual and creative
  2. A person of extraordinary intellect and talent:
  3. A strong natural talent, aptitude, or inclination
  4. The prevailing spirit or distinctive character, as of a place, a person, or an era
  5. A person who has great influence over

I believe I become somewhat of a genius with my health and fitness, not when I lost all my weight all those years ago, but more so through out all the trials, successes and failures I’d gone through to achieve my goals. But what really sets a genius apart from the rest of us? I believe it’s someone that will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Look at all the greats in our past, for example Michael Jordan, a genius in basketball sport, and many other things now. Basically he had an idea, desire and some goals. Along the way, I’m sure he had a HUGE amount of what most people would have defined as “failures”, but in the end he stopped at nothing to achieve that he’s goal. Having an understanding that the path to get there will entail ups and most likely more downs is just part of life so, don’t take it too seriously. That said, here are …

6 Steps to Becoming a GENIUS with Your Health, Fitness and Life

  1. Approach – Here you will come across a new idea or a new goal that you would love to achieve with your body. For example, you get inspired by seeing someone you would like to look like in a magazine. This is often due to …arrow down
  2. Discomfort and Confused – As the new goal is in mind you will be slightly confused or uncomfortable as you try to work it out, how to get the goal, what to do, what to eat, how to exercise, and also unfortunately start to develop doubt and fears. If you can get past this stage, then what happens next is …arrow down
  3. Clearer understanding– Now we start to get things moving, write goals, set action, write down what we must do, and maybe envision what it will be like once we have achieved our health and fitness goal. Then we MUST …arrow down
  4. Enact – We MUST actually start doing what we need to do to become a success at our goal. Its call ACTION! Many people can get stuck here too, but geniuses no that thinking and planning is not enough, and celebration will occur once we have taken action and achieved something. Of course we then need to…arrow down
  5. Fuse/Maintain – Here we are now used to doing what we do best. Act on our good beliefs and blind faith to get out goals to achieve anything we want. You will then be able to integrate this into your daily life. Won’t that feel great? And what’s even better is that you have developed the…arrow down
  6. Genius state – Here is where you develop and invent new ideas and ways in which you can use your new beliefs and behaviours. Even whilst going for your goals you will be empowered, having new skills and a new state whilst achieving your goals, so that you can better enjoy your life and maybe influence others with your inspiration.

These 6 steps to becoming a genius with your health and fitness can really work. Understanding that everyone that achieves something in life goes through these stages is important. Most people get stuck at stage 2, discomfort and confusion and don’t just start moving to stage 3. But you’re not like that are you? You’re ready to become a genius for good in your health and fitness.


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