Failure and How to Get Over It

Have you failed at losing weight? Have you failed a diet or exercise plan? Have you just failed time and time again?

What is failure?

It’s essentially attempting a task/goal or dream and not finishing it. 

It’s a BIG BAD word that we where taught in our schooling system, and maybe other influences in our life. Do you remember getting the BIG FAT ‘F’ if you failed your assignments at school? So your teaches said to you failed, then you went home and maybe your parents confirmed it to you. Then you look at yourself as failure in the mirror and started, to feel sorry for yourself whilst you starting believe in it, or should I say the process of disbelief in yourself begun, and as an adult the “failures” sometimes just seem to build up.

As a kid did you really know what failure was, until someone told you about it? I remember as a kid, regardless of what school told me, I could be just like Michael Jordan. A shorter whiter version of him maybe, but I still believed I moved, talked and thought just like him. I laugh when I look back at it as an adult now, and I still can’t slam dunk, nor did I become a professional basketballer. But what I recognized, is how back then as an child I thought I could do anything or be anyone. The word failure just wasn’t thrown around as much as it is in adult hood. Nor did I know that it’s just a word and feeling that we can either choose to use against us or for us.

Michael was an adult and he failed. But he used it as a way to succeed, so why can’t we?

In the end the only person WHO REALLY CARES that you’re a failure is YOU. Everyone else will just nod their heads and confirm and sympathize (if they’re nice, usually your close family & friends). And whilst you might think it’s helping in the short term, it’s not in the long term. And the only reason why you think they care is probably because they can relate or don’t believe you can do it either. That’s why coaches are great to have. They understand failure and good ones will tell it how it is, not comfort it up, like family/friends or even worse mock you for it. A good coach will empathize and then find a way to move forward. The truth will always benefit you in the long run, if you deal with it intelligently.

Anyway let’s face it, unless you haven’t tried a single thing in life, failure is part of life. If you’re going to let it knock you down, then guess what? Life is over for you, metaphorically speaking of course. Because if you’re reading this then you’re probably alive. In fact I don’t even know the statistics and I don’t care, but I’d say that most successful people (who you define as successful) have probably failed 9 times before they have succeeded once. Just ask any successful person, or ask Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb. Generally, when they do succeed, they’ll attribute their success to all the “failed attempts’ and quote how they where worth it.


I look at ‘FAILURE’ as just an word in English. Now I went to “special” English in high school, so they taught me well on how to feel like a failure, putting me in a slower class so I could understand, and now I think it was a blessing. Even though my English isn’t perfect, my writing sends messages that I want to give to my readers, to hopefully help them get their health and fitness goals faster.

So here is the fix.

If failure is just an English word, rather than nailing a coffin in your grave every time you “fail”, just look at it as “feedback” instead. Tell yourself, “Ok, so that didn’t work” or maybe ask yourself “Is it because I didn’t make it work?” Which is generally the case. Then ask yourself “What can I do better next time? Because last time the feedback was that …… and I learned this …… and this time I will do this …… ” That statement alone is your fix to failure. See it as feedback, until you succeed.

Understand that most diets, exercise plans, etc will work to an extent, but it’s the people that don’t make it work, because they try and give up to easy. But now you have the simple fix. Take Action, Review Feedback, Fix, Succeed, Repeat. Now you have the easy fix for ‘failure’ and I’m assuming you’re still alive and the sky hasn’t fallen down so you still have time to succeed.

Remember the only failure in life… is death, so take it easy don’t stress and go get’em tiger.


As a Trainer and Coach for over 10 years now, I've helped many people reach their goals as well as achieve my own including having lost 35kg. I'm my very own guinea pig when it come to achieving a fitter, healthier life and now I'm here to help you. Start by signing up to the Really Really Fit newsletter, Free Book and Video training that will change your mindset and life.

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