Finding The Resources You Need To Succeed

“I don’t have this and I don’t have that!”

There is a lot you may not have and you’ll never get it if you keep tell yourself that you don’t have it. Whether it’s a time, a good gym, a partner, money, motivation or good shoes… there is always something that you can use as an excuse to never get your goals. The first thing you must understand is that finding the resources that you need to get your goals is not impossible and it’s just a question of will. Secondly, realizing the resources that you already have and the resources that you may need to ascertain will be a strength and it will help build the perception and confidence that you can succeed. In most cases I would argue that when it comes to transforming your body you’ll soon realize you have everything you need.

What is a resource?

Well, a resource is not just a person its also a skill, supply, talent, both internal and external, physical or mental. Resources are all the things that we can draw upon to give us strength in getting our goal. I.e. Family, time, money, friends, coaches, gyms, personal trainers, eating plans, exercise plans, books, music, etc. I’m sure you can see that the list is endless and it doesn’t always have to involve something physical, but can also be intangible such as determination, experience, motivation, will power, strength.

The first resource needed is – accountability!

That is, accountability not only too yourself but to others or someone specific. This resource alone could possibly be the most important. I would start by telling people you know (or even don’t know) that you are dead set going to lose weight and transform your body. Telling others generally tends to create the sensation that you don’t want to look like a failure in front of others, so you will be more motivated to show people that you are serious. Sometimes it’s better to tell someone that’s not close to you, such as a PT or coach you’re paying for, or even a manager or a work colleague. It’s alright if you tell family or close friends, but generally speaking they’ll be the first to become sympathetic towards you, and sometimes even encourage you to do things that go against your goal. I.e. go out and get drunk.

How to find more resources

Once you know what resources you have and what ones you need to get, the only resource that is stopping you from getting what you want is… you! Everyone’s challenge in getting the goal that they want is not that they don’t have the resources, it’s that they “can’t find” the resources they need. That said, it’s more like we sometimes choose not to try and find them because of some belief that stops us. It’s your resourcefulness that helps you achieve a goal or in other words it’s your ability to source the resources needed, and as mentioned above, you can source anything you want if you look hard enough.

Write a list of things to show yourself what you already have and what you need. Then actually start using what you have and go source what you need. It’s that simple

Questions you may consider:
  • What people do I have in my life to help me get my goal? Who do I need?
  • What physical things do I have? What do I need?
  • Do I have friends to help me?
  • What emotional resource do I have or need? i.e. determination, will power?
  • Do I need an eating plan? Do I need an exercise plan?
  • Do I need a gym membership? Do I need a pair of running shoes?

Determining all the resources you have will help you with finding motivation and building more confidence/belief towards getting your goals. Then, once you know what you need to achieve your goal it’s up to you, and only you to start finding all those resources needed. Regardless of  whether that be an internal resources (i.e. like will power) or an external resource (i.e. like money, fitness resources, nutrition resources), resources make your goals happen.


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