Goal Motivation – Is Your Goal Motivating You Enough?

Your perfect body all starts with goal setting motivation and what you believe you would like to look and feel like once you have achieved your goals. When you start to brain storm your goal, you start to generate great feelings about how you would like to look, and it pre-frames what’s to come. But once you have set a powerful goal, is it really motivating you enough to take action? If it’s not, then this could cause some real goal motivation conflict. Many people set their goals and still lack motivation and direction of where they want to go. Why is that? It might have to do with the emotions behind the goal, their why’s, the words they use, the way they revise and visualise their goals. The idea of goal is to start the visualization process of your target. It will also serve as a way of reminding you what you really want when “life’s challenges” start to happen around you (i.e. set backs).

How to find out if your goals are motivating you enough.

What is your belief in goals and how attractive are they to you?

Rate your goal between 1 – 10, by asking yourself how attractive is this goal to me?

Then rate your goal Between 1 – 10, by asking yourself what is the belief level that I can get it?

If your scores are low (i.e. below 6) then it may mean that you need to “beef” them up with some more reasons why you want that goal. You may need to dig deeper as to what motivates you to achieve goals? Maybe you need to add some more emotionally charged words or have goals that are more attainable too you in the time frame that you set. Have you written your goal in present tense, as if you’ve already achieved them? Does your goal language focus on what you want, not what you want to lose? For example “I’am 75kg” versus “I’ve lost 25kg”.

Every time you write or revise a goal, take 2 minutes and be sure to use the belief and attractiveness questions above to gauge if they motivate you enough to achieve them. Modify them until you’re happy with them, and ready to roll. This is powerful so don’t neglect this step as you should be reading your goals morning and night until they become you and you’ve achieve them.

Another tip low on setting goals that are too small.

Don’t set the bench mark to low, as you want your goals to be a bit of stretch for you. Remember, a goal should be challenging, but not too easy or completely unrealistic. The great Les Brown (American motivational speaker), once said most people’s problems are not that they set their goals to high and miss, it’s that they set their goals to low and hit. Think about that and be sure you’re goals stretch you to achieve more greatness and success with your then ever before.

How to allow your Physiology to work with you, not against you.

motivating goalOnce you have a goal that has an attractiveness scale and belief scale scores of 10(or at least 8), start by reading them and visualizing that you have your goals already. Continue reading and visualizing your goal out loud, confidently twice daily, with a smile and a way that you feel it in your heart. Stand upright, shoulders back and upright posture whilst you read your goals until they become YOU. This might sound silly at first when you’re doing it, but this is your physiology at work. And you physiology (the way you move and shape your body language) is what will drive you psychology.

Please note, that if you choose not to use your body enough then I guarantee once again this could cause some real goal motivation conflict, as your body doesn’t believe your brain. May sound silly but it’s true. I recommend writing your goals and on small goal cards so that you can always have them close to you, in your wallet or purse, reminding you of what you really want, any time of day. Whilst you don’t have to scream out your goals at the top of your lungs in public, pulling it out throughout the day and visualizing it with a smile and upright posture might just be the trick to see you through the time moments.

Finally remember this, that NOT having a clear compelling goal that moves and motivates you is like kicking for the goals without enthusiasm, without the goal posts, and with no reason to win. How can you possible hit something if it’s not there in front of your mind, and that you can see the goal post from where you are kicking from?


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