How Positive Affirmations Can Change Your Life

Positive affirmations can change your life, and they’re free! 

The sad thing is that most people go through life not knowing consciously about affirmations, but rather confirming many negative thoughts that eventually become their life – negative and full of limitations. Then there are the few people that do know about affirmation and how they work, but probably don’t even practice it, and that’s even sadder.

Before my mid 20’s I didn’t know about positive affirmations, until I needed them. They don’t really teach it in schools, but I was a real achiever in my teens and early 20’s so I guess I was automatically doing them. Then there reached a time where I need a new level of mindset and a new level of motivation, and that’s where I learnt about the power of positive affirmations. At first I though it’s a little to hippy for me, but then I realized, it’s not about being airy fairy, it’s about seriously putting in the effort to talk to yourself in way that will motivate you to take action, rather than the opposite, in action.

Daily positive affirmations are basically words or phrases that you say to yourself daily, to start reprogramming you mind, so that that life or goals become easier and more enjoyable to achieve.

How positive affirmations can change your body and life is really up to you. You have to be open minded when reading affirmations, and make sure you smile and sit (or stand) up straight when reading affirmation. This is because your physiology (the way you move your body and motion) has a lot to do with the way you feel and the message that gets through when saying your list of positive affirmations. Your thoughts must match your body talk, otherwise they don’t work.

I recommend starting the day right by reading the positive affirmations, as soon as you jump out from bed. It’s a choice, right? So, spend the first 2 minutes doing them. Imagine if you could wake up feeling good about the day. Instead of waking up telling yourself – “aahh, do I have to get up today?”, “Do I have to go to work today?”, “Do I have to exercise today?” Do these statements sound familiar? These questions or statements usually lead to a dis-empowered state, and hence lack of action for any of you health and fitness goals.

With positive affirmations, you’re doing the exact opposite, reprogramming your subconscious mind to ask and command yourself empowering thoughts and questions. This way you can think freely, think positively and most importantly take action, if you need to exercise first thing or ensure your breakfast is healthy.

If you continue doing this daily, you’ll soon be doing it automatically, subconsciously and you’ll be more proactive, enthusiastic and just happier in your daily life. Your resolve to exercise and be healthy with become stronger. You’ll then in the perfect position to be in to go and grab your goals, and not fighting with yourself all the time.

Sometime, you just have to get out of the way of yourself.

If you’re negative or closed minded and want to change then first your must believe that it will work. Because it has for some many others. Be open minded because it will be a conscious action at the start as you have to force yourself to do it, but eventually it will just become a natural process. Much like learning to drive a car, after a while it just become a subconscious process, and then you can just switch gears at any time to feel great and take action.

Positive affirmations for weight loss.

If you’re looking for positive affirmation for weight loss then you can start with the following affirmations. Try and use affirmation, that avoid using the words “weight loss”, as according to the law of attraction your focus really should be on “getting leaner”:

“Today I will exercise and eat well for a leaner healthier body.”

“Every day is my opportunity to become leaner and feel better.”

“I am grateful to be alive, moving and have the ability to give it my best shot every day.”

“My goals are become a reality every day.”

“What can I do today to get leaner and healthier?”

Positive affirmations to improve your confidence and self-esteem.

The Secret” tele-documentary which outlined the law of attraction was great at giving us positive affirmations for life. I’ve created poster for you to download and print these affirmations, so that you can stick it up on the wall. Put it somewhere that you will see and remember to read it daily.

I read these out to myself daily. First 2 minutes of my morning are for general affirmation, and then the next 3 minutes I write down the positive affirmation that pertain to my life and that I need in the present and for my goals. I would suggest you do the same.

Click here to Download Your Free Power Affirmations Poster

Subliminal affirmations software.

Here is a fantastic idea, and I use it.

Do you enjoy using a computer or work with computers? Subliminal affirmations software helps you read your daily positive affirmations on your own screen. The beauty of it is, is that it’s customizable and you can put your own positive affirmations list on there.

Whilst you don’t have to read every affirmation that pops up on your screen, you mind is actually being reprogrammed while you work on the computer, because your peripheral vision still sees the watermarked subliminal message.

You might think it’s distracting, but it’s actually not. It actually just comes up like a water mark, so it doesn’t get in your way at all.

Click here to checkout this subliminal messages software.

This list of power affirmations can really help you with your fat loss goals and life. If you can think it then you can achieve it. Don’t be a person who sabotages their dreams by what they say to themselves, and yes it all starts with what you tell yourself.

Let me ask you this – do you think Michael Phelps (winner of 8 gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics), woke up and said to himself – “ahh damn, I really couldn’t be bothered swimming today!”. Of course that’s just an example of one athlete, but you need to think like an athlete if you are to win, especially when you are in the “wrong” head space. Be careful of the affirmations you continually say to yourself as it will break you or create success for you.


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