How to Make Yourself Do What You Don’t Like To Do

For most people it’s that they don’t like training all together. But that’s mainly because what they associate with training and how they feel about it. “It’s hard work”, “I’ll get too sweaty or dirty”, “It’s too complicated” are all feelings that I’ve heard people use to describe exercise. For me, well “I hate cardio” too, but the truth is if I attached a result based and immediate benefit driven meaning to doing it, I’ll be more inclined to doing it, even if I don’t like it as much. Meanings and what you associate with the actions you must take is what’s going to make the actions that you don’t want to do, easier to do. Watch the video below to understand what I’m talking about. Then underneath there is a cool High Intense Cardio Training schedule you can do too, right after watching this video. Now that’s seriously taking action.

In essence, when you don’t like to do something, forget about why you don’t like do it, i.e. it’s to painful, I have to get up, insert all other excuses here. Instead focus on giving yourself two or more new pleasurable meanings and reasons why you MUST do it based on these two things:

  1. The results and end goal. For example, focus on your end weight loss goal and why you are doing it.
  2. The immediate benefit from doing it right now. For example, you’ll burn off some fat, you will feel stronger, you will feel better through out the day.

Great now action that little piece of mindset gold consistently, when you’re motivated to go exercise and more importantly when you not motivated. You have to force yourself to think and feel this way at first. But once it become a habit, training and regular exercise become much easier to go out there and actually do it. Now you have attached your pleasure meanings… go do some cardio!

Here is your cardio routine for the day. This example cardio workout can be performed with any exercise that will raise your heart rate enough to be slightly out of breath and work up a sweat, i.e. Treadmill, cycling, rowing, swimming, jogging, running, etc. Best part about it is that it only lasts for 25 minutes, so no more long boring hourly sessions at the gym!

An Example High Intensity Cardio Training Routine

  • First 5 minutes – warm up at a comfortable pace, so just enough that you can talk as well as exercise.
  • 5rd minute – Increase to HIGH intensity so that you are unable to talk any more and your focus is just on that exercise, you want to be puffing by the end of the minute and these are the intervals that will work up a sweat for you.
  • 6th minute – Decrease your intensity to being between warm up level and High intensity, so it will be your MID Intensity range, you could once again talk to someone here.
  • 7th to 20th minute – Alternate between the HIGH intensity and MID intensity levels each minute up until you’ve done 20 minutes in total.
  • Last 5 minutes – Cool down and stretch afterwards for about 10 minutes.

Total workout time: 25 minutes (35 min with stretches).

For more examples of High Intense Cardio Training and a full range of exercise programs you can do to to lose the weight you’ve always wanted to lose, check out my Really Really Fit Program. It includes more specific mindset training, nutrition and exercise education and a plan to get you thinner for life.


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