How to Measure and Improve Your Emotional Fitness

This post follows on from last month’s on Goal Motivation and is your goal motivating you enough. Here we will measure our emotional fitness. With goal setting, if it’s not measurable, it’s hard to see real results. Same goes with your emotional fitness, but to improve it you must know where you’re at with your emotional fitness levels. You might or you might not see physical results in the mirror as most people look at themselves in the mirror each day and see little to no change. That’s why after setting a goal, also ask yourself – What stage are you at emotionally? Just like your current physical measurements that you take when it comes to body transformation it’s important to have some sort of indicator as to where you think your overall emotional health is at as well. If you find yourself improving on an emotional level then this can help keep you motivated.

The other reason you would do this is to be able to see if you are on the right track emotionally. Why? Because just say your ultimate goal is to lose 12 kg in 12 weeks for example. And come week 6 and you have only lost 2 kg, and feeling a little disappointed. But your score in overall emotional health has increased from 2 (in week 1) to a score of 7 (in week 6) because you are constantly eating healthier and exercising more regularly. Well this is still a great result. You feel better, you look better and regardless of the weight, you could have more incentive to keep moving forward and you know that you are still on the path to success. You may just have to change certain eating or exercise variables, but your mindset (and body) is still transforming.

Here are example areas of emotional health you could measure. Please feel free to come up with other areas of health if you wish to monitor them. You can either choose one of the above questions, some of them or all of them. It doesn’t really matter, but once again the more you choose the more feedback you will get. Simply use a rating scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is feel terrible to 10 which is absolutely amazing.

  • Overall how you look? 1 – 10
  • Overall how you feel? 1 – 10
  • Your energy levels? 1 – 10
  • Your positiveness? 1 – 10
  • Your confidence levels? 1 – 10

Once you have answered the above emotional based questions, I want you to imagine those numbers as a reflection of your life. If they are measuring quite low then there is always opportunity to achieve greater success in your health and possibly even other areas of your life. If you don’t continue to track these questions say every 4-6 weeks, like most you may most likely continue to fall off track, leading you in every direction but the direction you ultimately want to go. Conversely, imagine having higher numbers. Imagine that if you measure it, are consistently changing your habits and your numbers are increasing… don’t you think you will achieve more success in health and subsequently other areas of life? Most likely… YES!


It’s really important to have an understanding of where you are at right now, both with your physical and emotional fitness. Take a snapshot of you so to speak. This is currently you, but only temporary if you choose to take MASSIVE action. It may also cause you some pain initially to get measured up emotionally, but that alone can cause you the realization that I MUST change now. It may be hard at the start but it will give you a great picture and story to look back at when you have transformed. Once you start improving your physical health, your emotional fitness levels will improve with it.


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