How to Set a REALLY Powerful Goal

What is the number one element your need to succeed? Your positive mental attitude and drive. Without it, don’t even start! I am not talking New Years Resolution stuff here, I am talking vision, a clear goal and beliefs that it can be done. And not reasons and excuses as to why it can’t be done.

The first step towards a “can do” positive mental attitude (PMA) is goal setting. Alarmingly, statistics have shown that only 2% of people goal set.  Are you part of that 2% a part of the 98% of people who don’t know what they want?

Now you are going to learn a technique that will help put you in the 2% of achievers. Here is how to brainstorm and write your powerful inspiring goal that will allow you to kick your goal, every time. You may have heard of SMART goals before. If you have great as they’re probably more common at work or in business, but I’m going to add some juice to fire to help make your SMART goal emotional for you.

If you haven’t then here is you first step to your next weight loss goal.

How to write a SMARTY Goal.


Goals must be specific to ensure you know exactly what you want. So for example, instead of stating that I want to lose weight or I want to be fit, you need to state – How much weight or how much body fat you want to be, such as “I am 75kg with a ripped 10% of body fat and measuring a trim 82cm around the waistline.”

Imagine what or who you want to look like, describe it, use a role model, be specific, your ideal weight your ideal measurements. Not being specific about your goal is like saying I’m happy with hitting any part of the dartboard, when really what you want to hit is the bullseye.


An extension to being specific is that all goals need to show that you have achieved it. You have to see that there is evidence along the way that is giving you feedback as to whether your in the direction to achieving your goal and it’s working.

Therefore, you are essentially measuring it. For instance, if your goal was to weigh 50kg, can you measure that? Of course, you can with weight scales, right?


When setting goals it’s important to set goals that are achievable. Now this of course ties in with the Timing of your goal, because, of course YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING! However for the purposes of not setting yourself up for failure, make sure you are 100% sure that you will be able to take the responsibility necessary to make your goals realistic and achievable.

Once again, anything is possible but if you’re trying to lose 30kg in one month then forget it!


You need to understand that you and you alone are responsible for getting whatever you want – no one else. You can always get assistance from people around you, however in the end it’s you that needs to take every action necessary. You are responsible for everything you get and don’t get!

If something does not go your way, or seems to be getting in the way, FIND a way around it, through it or over it. Simple.

A common excuse when it comes to losing weight is time. We all have the same amount of time in world, whether it’s kids, work or Television, I guarantee you that someone before you has been in your shoes and has successfully reached their ideal weight goal. How? They’ve managed their time to allow for what’s important to them and possible cut out bad habits and replaced them with goal smashing good habits. Such as 30 minutes less TV each night and 30 minutes more exercise.

Are you ready to take responsibility for your life?


Without a specific date as to when you want your goal, you are leaving it open for any time in the future. Hence, you will then, procrastinate and not make your goal a definite or must! You will just say Oh…I have time for that.

By setting a specific date, such as “It is the 30th December 2008 and in the middle of summer time…”, you are future pacing and will have placed a certain sense of urgency to your goal that will compel you to do whatever is necessary to get it.

What About the ‘Y’ in SMARTY?

Here is the fuel in the guts of a POWERFUL Goal.

The Y actually stands for your ‘why’. WHY exactly are you wanting that specific goal. Don’t skip this because this is probably on of the most important aspects of a goal and it should really be the reason and driving force behind you wanting to achieve your goal.

Is it Inspirational?

Your goal has to sound inspirational to you! Here is the test – when you read the goal to yourself, does it make you feel inspired to take ACTION! The goal should have the language in it to provide you with the inspiration to take that goal and turn it into YOUR reality! If it doesn’t just add some more feelings as to how it will make you feel once you have achieved your goal.

Incorporate 3 – 5 positive feelings of how you are going to feel when you get you goal. Happy, excited, confident, attractive, sexy… you get the idea.

Is it Emotional?

When I ask you the question – Why is it important for you to feel that way or to achieve that thing? The answer should spark some great feelings and emotions. Ensure your goal has written in it – why is it important for you to get your goal, and I don’t just mean to be fit and healthy, we all want that.

Why do you want to be fit and healthy? For example – “It’s so important to me because now I am able to play with my kids with so much energy” or “Now I can go to the beach and show off my new body”. Ensure you’re goal have a positive emotional reason written in to it. E-motional reasons to do something become energy in motion!

Here is an example goal:

It is the 1st January 2008 in the middle of summer time and I am now a ripped 10% body fat and weight in at a muscular 80kg. I am now maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle and feel confident, attractive and excited to go the beach with my shirt off and feel proud of my hot new body.”

Realize that goals can and should also be set in other areas of your life (not just health) to help keep you laser focused. Then you can prioritize your goals as to which one is most important to you at the time. It may be simple, so why don’t most people do it. Please don’t skip this as it would take you all of 10 minutes to do.

You have the essential makings of a great and POWERFUL goal to ensure you hit any goal in life that you set yourself.

Some final tips in the goal setting process.

Make these a part of every goal you set, ensure you write them in the present tense (as if you have already achieved it) and always use positive language, focusing on what you want (not what you don’t want).

Modify you goal until you’re happy that it will drive you forward and are able visualize you having that goal.

Read them out loud, at least in your heart, confidently twice daily, with a smile. Do this for the next 90 days consistently. Stand with an upright posture and confidence, until they become…YOU, and your goals becomes your reality.


As a Trainer and Coach for over 10 years now, I've helped many people reach their goals as well as achieve my own including having lost 35kg. I'm my very own guinea pig when it come to achieving a fitter, healthier life and now I'm here to help you. Start by signing up to the Really Really Fit newsletter, Free Book and Video training that will change your mindset and life.

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