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icanmakeyouthin 7.3 I Can Make You ThinGood Reads and Barnes and Noble rates the book at 3.5/5 star. Released in January 1998, I first came across the book a couple of months ago. After reading the book ‘I Can Make You Thin’,  by Paul McKenna, it’s amazing how much I learned from the book when it came to the psychology of thinking yourself thin, that would me myself as well as my clients. Paul McKenna is one of the worlds leading experts in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

Paul, having helped thousands of people kick negative habits via the mindset, has many books that help people from stopping to smoke in an instant to getting more confidence overnight, but for the purpose of this, I though it would be a good source of knowledge that can get you leaner faster.

Needless, to say it’s a great read and here are just 3 great tricks you can apply them, to help you succeed.

Use a hunger scale and eat whatever you want!

Paul advocates eating what EVER you want. Which OK, as a Personal trainer, I don’t entirely agree, however I do agree that you have to indulge in moderation from time to time. Regardless of what you eat though (whether you perceive it as healthy or unhealthy), eat it only until you feel pleasantly satisfied or hit a level 6 out of 10 on the scale.

You see most people just purely and simply OVER EAT! This way if you are always using the hunger scale where 1 is you are still absolutely starving after each bite, 2-3 is starting to fill up, 4-6 is pleasantly full, 7-8 is slightly full and 9-10 being you are absolutely stuffed, eating till around about a 6 (before slightly full) will help keep you in control of portion sizes.

If you are to indulge in what I like to call ‘celebratory meals’, not cheat meals as you could be associating a certain pain with having a treat. Then have your indulgence knowing you have earned it, so it’s having a celebratory meal after your hard work. The tip is hear to have your indulgence to hunger level 4-5 out of 10, and always keep in mind that you will be refueling yourself in no more than 3-4 hours anyway.

Eat whenever you want

Yes, eat when ever you want. With so much emphasis on dieting these days, the popular conception is that you should only eat 3, 4, 5 or 6 times per day. Here is the thing dependent on your schedule that might not be so easy. So plan it, even if you have 8 smaller meals through out the day, you metabolism will be much higher and you will have a constant supply of energy required to fuel you leaner body. Don’t think that works? Well email me and I can give you many example of body builders and fitness models who graze very day, sometimes eating up even 10 times per day.

Another way to gauge your portion sizes is to find out exactly how much food you need to eat to get you through the next 2-3 hours. I want you to use the metaphor of car here. Fill it with petrol to it’s maximum and it will no doubt run slower and less efficient. However if you fill it up a one third of tank, then it will be light, more fuel efficient and you will get more miles out of it. this is the same with your body, over fill it and you will feel sluggish and not perform at it optimum, fill it up enough just get through the next few hours and you will perform better and run more efficiently.

If you are not feeling hungry at all after 3 hours, then you have eaten too much in the previous meal. Conversely, if you are feeling starving just 30 minutes after your previous meal then you probably haven’t eaten enough. The trick is to find the right combination of lean protein, healthy carbs and fats to fuel you for the next 2-3 hours, and then refuel. This is guaranteed to put your metabolism into over drive.

See Yourself Lean

Scientific studies have shown visualization techniques dramatically increase your chance of losing weight and transforming. As you imagine yourself leaner, at your ideal weight and keep on rehearsing this image you start creating neuro-pathways between your brain and body, affecting your energy levels, your motivation and metabolism. Once they get affected you get physical sensations (i.e. better results) which in turn affects your thoughts and emotions and reinforces the program in your brain giving you better more empowering beliefs.

The ‘Your Perfect Body’ techniques is discussed further in the book, but put simple this little exercises will train your unconscious mind to help you lose weight and keep it off.

Do these steps daily to start seeing great results. Remember, that repetition is the mother of success)

  1. Stop and start imagining you are watching film of a thin happy confident you.
  2. Watch that leaner you doing things you would be doing each day. Like, imagining eating the right foods, moving exercising regularly, and just moving the way a thin person moves. How would you talk to yourself? What kind of voice would you be using? How do you walk around? How you you move?
  3. If the film isn’t what you want it to be adjust it, to make it exactly how you want it, so that you feel great. Who would you be with? Where would you be? What would you be doing as a leaner you?
  4. When you are satisfied with the other you, step in to it and take the new perspective and behavior into you.
  5. Run he film over and over again and just imagine being in all of those daily situations and view them from your new perspective. Think what it’s like with that new perspective and what it will help you achieve? How is it going to be so much better now?

There you have three great ways to help you succeed. Of course the book has so many more techniques, some of which use very unconventional ways to get you to stop craving foods or create motivation in an instant.

Needless to say they work, so if you have a spare week, this book can be read and the information applied in less time than it takes to lose your first kilo (or couple of pounds)!

Model success and expect success …

Check out “I Can Make You Thin” by Paul McKenna, (cheaper at Amazon.com)

How to think and grow thin

This is my take on thinking yourself thin. I’m going to explain to you how to think and grow thin. As with anything that happens to you in life, it all starts with the way you think. Your psychology that is and this includes the way you talk to yourself internally and externally.

The Issue: Unaligned communitication

When people want to lose weight, normally the main thing they think or talk about is “losing weight”.

For example, they will tell their family – “I am trying to lose weight”. Straight away
they’re are using a negative word “lose”, and what you’re potentially doing is aiming for losing. Losing the battle of the bulge this is!

The universal “Laws of attraction” states that if you focus on  the thing that you don’t want…you get more of it.

So, what are you doing in that case? Yes, focusing on what you don’t want.

Think of statements that you may say to yourself such as…

“Oh I really shouldn’t eat that as I am trying lose my excess weight.”

This is negative language, and your focus is tending towards getting more of what you don’t want and this is what happens…

Negative focus = lack of or no actions = negative results.

Here are examples of other negative word goals/statements:

“By 1st of January 2009 I will have lost 100 pounds”

“I can’t wait to lose that final 6 pounds”

“I am on a diet and trying to get rid of my fat”

The Fix: Switch it around!

What is it that YOU WANT to be? For example –

“I am a thin and trim 55kg and can’t weight to hit the beach this summer.”

Using statements in a positively worded and present tense will help you shift your focus to getting what you want, not what you don’t want.

When you’re focus is on what you want, you’ll be more likely to do the actions necessary to get whatever it is that you want, such as become that slim, fit and healthy person ready to show off your new body.

Here are examples of other positive word goals/statements:

“It’s the 1st of January 2009 and I am lying on the beach with my new slim and healthy body”

“I have an 82cm waistline”

“I am now a healthy 75kg and I can eat great tasty healthy foods”

Don’t sabotage your efforts in losing weight by the way you think and communicate. If you start to consciously think the correct way now, you will begin to subconsciously think of what you want always, regardless of what it is.

Here are the results when you start to think and grow thin…

Positive focus = positive actions = positive results.

That’s how you start to think and get thin. Don’t underestimate the power of you mind to help subconsciously transform your body and realign your communication with yourself.


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