Interview With The Trainer of Personal Trainers

How He Stays Lean All Year Round!

I’ve become fascinated on modelling successful role models in the industry and how I could advance clients in getting their results faster. I embark on a mission to learn more about the attitude of experts as well as normal every day people who had transformed their bodies.

So I feel that this precious information should be available to my readers. The mindset and performance training you can learn from this interview is still very relevant today and will be in the future, if you want to get lean and stay there.

I am privileged the introduce one of my biggest mentor’s here in Australia, my former PT, a friend and someone who has helped inspire me and many great ideas of mine. I first met Lochi Horner as one of my instructors at the Victorian Fitness Academy in 2010. He not only teaches classes of up and coming personal trainers but is also a very sort after personal trainer or trainers.

Lochi has been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years as a Personal Trainer, Gym Instructor, business owner and teacher. He owned a PT studio business in Queensland and now calls Victoria home. His passion now is making the student a world class fitness professional, by lecturing and mentioning up and coming personal trainers. Lochi has been an adviser to the Metabolic Precision program, and now also has a very successful training business in Geelong, Australia.

I decided to interview Lochi as I thought not only could I get some tips of my own on the psychology of training clients and myself, but also after over 10 years of experience, I’m sure you could learn a thing of two as well.

The questions that I decided to ask Lochi are below. Now you get hear the mindset of a fitness giant from a different perspective. Now you get to hear it from a fitness professional who surely walks the walk and talks the talk.

Here are just some of the questions I asked and the answer can be found within the inspiring interview above.

  • Why is it important to have a goal?
  • What drives you, what pleasure and what pain?
  • What about planning? How do you do it? What rewards?
  • What fears do you have (if any)?
  • How did you overcome those fears?
  • What did you have to sacrifice? How do you manage that sacrifice?
  • What beliefs do you have? What limiting beliefs do you have? How do you overcome that?
  • What or who (role models) motivates you to achieve?
  • In 5 words can your describe the traits, values, attributes you need to transform?

Thank you very much to Lochi, and you can find more about him here at


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