Lean Body Interview with a Transformed Supernan

50 and Fitter Than Ever Before …

Theresa’s story is one of true inspiration and I have chosen her story to be the first, over let’s say a body builder or fitness professional as we can generally relate to those who seem to have the same sort of “civilian” lives.

I believe that it also has the makings of a true warrior, regardless of conditions. No excuses for Theresa as her age was no limit, her business and being a grandma was always there yet she still managed her life, exercise and nutrition so that she could become the fittest she has ever been. Lastly, but probably most importantly her Rheumatoid Arthritis was a huge reason why she had to get fit. Where most would use that as an excuse, she used it as a reason to take action!

Just some of Theresa’s top achievements …

  • Theresa has dropped 20kg.
  • Decreased her body fat percentage by 20%.
  • 5 unassisted chin ups.
  • Runs 10km in under 60 minutes… Inspirational!

In the interview with Theresa, the questions that I ask are below. Some of the answers expressed could well give you the insight you need to make a decision to finally transform.

Listen to Theresa speak about her mindset behind her transformation …

  1. What was your original goal? What vision did you have?
  2. Why did you really want that goal? What pain did you have?
  3. What pleasure would you get from achieving your goals?
  4. What was your main trigger behind wanting to transform?
  5. Over the last few months on your journey, what have you achieved? What is your proudest achievement?
  6. What about planning? Did you plan? What rewards did you give yourself?
  7. What fears did you have (if any)?
  8. How did you overcome those fears?
  9. What did you have to sacrifice?
  10. How did you deal with that? How did you make it easier to sacrifice?
  11. What part of your transformation was the easiest? Why?
  12. What limiting beliefs did you have before you started?
  13. What beliefs did you have adopt to create your transformation?
  14. What about time? What did you have to juggle outside of the exercise?
  15. What are some of the benefits of living the way you do know? What can you do know that you couldn’t do before?

This is Theresa’s story in her own words …

“Dedication, hard work, the MP diet and being determined to follow through all the way is the way I achieved my goals with my trainer Roger. But the strange thing was I did my first challenge and got great results but this time what can I say? I feel and am healthier, fitter, happier, stronger, PAIN FREE! (nearly medication free). You see I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis that has made me struggle on occasions to even hold a cup of coffee 2 years ago.

I am totally hooked and so so motivated everyday that sometimes it even scares me! With my results I know I have inspired others who have seen my transformation and are choosing a similar path.

My trainer Roger believes in my ability to do tasks and so I have learned to push through any challenge he sets and I thrive on it. I succeeded in achieving most of the targets that we set and I am looking forward to continuing and smashing anymore that we set in the future.

I am turning 50 in 3 weeks and to be honest I haven’t felt this good since I was thirty years or younger.”

Needless to say, it’s a huge CONGRATULATIONS Theresa!


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