Preparing Your Mindset to Lose Weight

“Change is inevitable, progress is optional.”

You know something… preparing your mindset to lose weight really should be taught in schools together with our Physical Education classes these days. With the rise in obesity it’s never been more needed, but this is not about my political opinion, it’s about your transformation. My coming video series is going to help your efforts to succeed with your body and mindset transformation. It may also help your kids for generations to come if you pass it down. But don’t be fooled with just watching the videos, because if you don’t apply these concepts in achieving a leaner healthy body, then you won’t truly understand them, and bottom line you probably won’t change. Whether you want to lose weight or just live a more healthy active lifestyle, my 4 part video training series that will follow this post, might be just the thing you need to apply if you want a leaner body for life.

Watch video one below, but first do this …

The Power Hour

I learnt this concept from Tony Robbins years ago when I used to listen to his audio programs. But this is my version of it and whenever I feel the need for motivation this is what I do. Perform this first thing in the morning, when getting up and doing your morning routine. It will help you get into an empowered and inspired state. It’ works best while exercising, otherwise perform it at any time during the day, but make it a regular exercise not a once off, or once in every while. Even if you’re a repeating the same things to yourself, that’s fine, because it will help solidify the good things in yourself.

  1. Think of what you are grateful for – have gratitude (see questions below).
  2. Breathe with a pattern – in hale for 10 seconds, Hold for 10 seconds and exhale for 10-15 seconds. Perform 10 breaths.
  3. bartsimpsonSay your affirmations/incantation for 5 minutes (what you want to have, do or be). Like casting a spell on yourself of the things you want, not what you don’t want or have. If you are sitting down it might be a good ideas to write them down on a note pad too.
  4. Think of the good things I have done (big or small) in the past week. If you’re exercising you can continue these thoughts through the session. If you’re busy working or getting ready for the day, then at the very least get started for the first 10 minutes of your day this way.
Questions to ask yourself during your power hour to tune your mindset for daily success:
  • What am I happy about today?
  • What am I grateful for today?
  • Who do I love? Who loves me?
  • What can I do to make today fantastic?
  • What can I do today that will make a difference?

Learning to Progress Through Inevitable Change

Understanding that if I (or you) are going to progress through change YOU MUST do what’s prescribed by your coach (or yourself), even though you might not like doing it all the time. Often the things that you we hate or uncomfortable with will help you progress. Always remember that change is inevitable, as in your mind and body is going to change inevitably, but it’s up to you to see that it progresses through that change.

In video one I teach you about the change model and how to progress, not regress through change. You will learn how NOT to beat yourself up, and understanding this on the conscious level will hopefully make you keep on going for you goals, rather than give up. Then once it becomes automatic (through subconscious) you will always look at going for your goals in a completely different light.

Preparing your mindset to lose weight, get healthy and get fitter is really all about personal/psychological development, before it become physical. Your effort/result is based on you using 100% mindset, and I’d say if you’re always slipping back in your destructive ways, it’s because you haven’t done enough personal development of your mind before and during your journey.


As a Trainer and Coach for over 10 years now, I've helped many people reach their goals as well as achieve my own including having lost 35kg. I'm my very own guinea pig when it come to achieving a fitter, healthier life and now I'm here to help you. Start by signing up to the Really Really Fit newsletter, Free Book and Video training that will change your mindset and life.

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