Respect Your Body Like You Do Your Money

It’s the start of 2012 so rather than right the usual 5 steps to success in 2012, I thought I’d write about money and how it relates to your body, from one aspect at least. At the end of last year I had this conversation with a client of mine, telling me about her friend who always wants to lose weight, but through short cuts to achieving it. And why wouldn’t she? Don’t we all want the short cut to having the body of our dreams?

This friend of hers, we’ll call her Gina for the purpose of this article, would go to the extreme of going to the doctors to get a prescription of a pill that is supposedly meant to aggressively help you lose weight. I was further told that she requested to double the dose and hence she could expect more weight loss. When I asked about that friends eating habits, I was told that they were pretty poor and there was certainly a lack of exercise that had to be addressed. Now, I’m not sure which part is actually a sadder story, the fact that this person actually believes that even a doctors “short cut to success” prescribed pill can help her with permanent weight loss or that the doctor even prescribes such rubbish. Either way, there is certainly a lack of respect to health from both parties, or perspective is also a miss.

Once again let me ask you this, if you truly believe a fat loss/weight loss medicine could work, then why would the western world be in such as overweight state? If the solution is in the ingredients of a magical prescribed pill then the obesity crisis the world faces has found its match. Or has it? Let me ask you this, if pills actually did work effectively, would we still treat our body with the respect it deserved? If you knew that you could eat whatever you wanted too and exercise was never a concern considering you could through down a pill, would you bother with your health and fitness at all? The same goes for people who haven’t paid any particular respect to their bodies over the years, whether you are overweight or obese, or have some other medical condition like bulimia through no fault but the actions you have taken. Have they had any respect to their bodies to become the way they have? Of course this is with respect to those with some form of diagnosed mental condition it still is a form of disrespect to your body.

It may be a harsh way to look at it, but you have to create a new standard in your life if you truly want change and transformation. That standard is that you MUST start respecting your body, not becoming complacent and have a belief that you only have one chance to improve and maintain it. Let me give you the classic example of money. People, who usually complain about not having money, what would be their answer if you asked them how they manage their finances. Usually these people don’t manage it at all, they just receive and spend (and usually spend more than they receive), hence it’s so easy to get in debt and complain some more, blame the government and so forth. When you literally have no budget (even in your mind), and no control and idea of what they buying, hence they lack respect to their financial situation and their statuses usually show it.

On the other hand what about the people that do respect money, ask a rich person if they have a budget, and if they know where they’re spending. If you where to ask them about their money they would understand the power of budgeting, cash flow, profit and loss and where their hard earned money was being distributed too. That shows respect to what actually allows us much freedom these days – money. Do you think these people, the ones that respect money are complaining about the lack of it, and the what the governments do? Now, let’s just say that the “rich” person gave the poorer person the magic “get rich” pill, what do you think would happen. Well if the poorer person was never taught about respecting what is important that person would just go and spend all the money and then some – and once again complain of scarcity. I’d say the opposite would happen with the richer person if they were given another handsome amount of money.

But, let’s switch back to our bodies and health now, much like money we really don’t realize the importance of it until we lose it. Respecting your health and body is the only way you are going to transform and until you understand that and respect that notion you will never truly make a permanent change. Of course part of that respect is knowing that it may be hard at first to change the habits required to get a lean body. And it get’s easy to maintain a healthy body if you understand the importance of respect. One the other hand, it’s just as easy to lose that healthy lean body if you lose respect for it, and going back to the original point of short cuts to success; such as pills, whether prescribed or not, just doesn’t teach that respect required. Do you think that Gina is ever going to lose that weight permanently looking for the short cuts to losing weight?

The importance of respecting your body and how do you do it? This is a very loaded answer of course, as it comes down to healthy nutrition and exercise done daily of course. And that’s the obvious answer, you know that. But I would say you must start with being grateful for the body you have first. Understand that there is easier ways to get things done, but no short cuts. Be grateful for each limb you have to get you moving and the brain you have to get you motivated to move, and don’t get complacent of that. Perspective is knowing that there are other’s who are in much worse position than you.

Much like creating a better body image that in your mind is perfect regardless of it’s state, you now also have to totally respect your body and be grateful for it. Just because you don’t believe you have respected your body in the past, right now it’s time to decide whether you want to start with – respect.respect your body



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