Using The Self Fulfilling Prophecy With Your Goals

In the last post I talked about emotional barriers to weight loss in your beliefs. Where they come from right and how they are formed over time from an idea to either an empowering belief or a conviction over time. Here is the thing, do you know you can choose to believe what you want? Let me introduce to you the self fulfilling prophecy. Goals are just a beliefs too, and that at some level you believe that achieving your goal will help you get some sort of pleasure out of it, and avoid some sort of pain. Having said that I hope you can understand that it’s what you believe that set your expectations and hence drive your behaviours, subsequently providing you with an outcome.

The Self Fulfilling Prophecy Psychology and How it Will Impact Your Weight Loss Goals

Think about it … Positive self-belief = positive expectations = positive self empowering behaviours/actions = positive results. Conversely, limiting self-belief = negative/limiting expectations = negative/self defeating behavious/actions = negative/poor results. Both options can loop around in circles, like the diagram below demonstrates.


The Self Fulfilling Prophecy Example

Looking at that diagram I’ll give you a self fulfilling example in the weight loss world, which is very common among my clients. We’ll use the diagram below of the limiting belief, and see how it fits into the self fulfilling prophecy.

emotional barriers to weight loss

As you can see the top level belief of “I find it hard to lose weight”, has been further strengthened over time by the reference legs. Therefore, having that negative belief = having a negative expectation such as “Because I find it hard to lose weight, what hope do I have?”. This equals a negative behavior such as “If there is no hope, I might as well not go exercise or eat better.” When the person doesn’t go exercise this equals a negative result. And this viscous loop goes around and around until years of potential psychological damage has been done, making it harder to realise your goals. Can you see how this will limit you?

Now let’s look at a positive or empowering belief, and it’s effects on your mentality. Check out the diagram below. Once you or my clients understand this, their psychology starts to match their physiology and getting their weight loss goals become much easier.


As you can see the top level belief of “I can lose weight easily”, has been further strengthened over time by the reference legs. Therefore having the positive belief = having a positive expectation such as “Because I can lose weight easily, I expect great results”. This equals a positive behavior such as “Because I can expect great results, I find it easy to go and exercise.” When the person goes and exercises, then this equals a positive result. And this more empowering loop can go around and around strengthening your resolve until you reach your goal. Can you see how this type of thinking is going to help you win?

The question is – Which one do you do right now and which one will you choose for the future? Right now, if you want truly start to lose weight and keep it off for good, which one will you choose. It’s time to start removing the limiting beliefs you may have and install or reinforce empowering beliefs. You can learn the systematic way of doing this in my Really Really Fit Program. An understanding of your belief system and an awareness that a belief is simply an idea that has been strengthen by references through your life is super important to your long term success. Further to that, understanding where all your beliefs come from and how your beliefs can become your self fulfilling prophecy in your goals is vital to your long term success. What you believe in is what your get, and knowing how to remove your limiting beliefs is vital to truly transforming your mind and your body, so that you can finally get that leaner body faster then ever before, and keep it.

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