Visualization Techniques For Weight Loss

It must be seen in the mind well before it can be realized in the body. This is so much the case that if you’re not practicing visualization techniques for weight loss, when aiming your goal you might as well give in right now. I’ll give you an example of the power of visualization in sport and this is probably one of the most known stories. Roger Banister broke the 4 minute mile record in 1956, but previous to that no other runner had ever dreamed of running a mile (1.6km) under 4 minutes. But with enough visualization of it happening from Roger and now proven that it could be done, 50 other runners ran it in under 4 minutes in the year and half following his breakthrough. There is no doubt that because there was now a belief and a visual that it could be done, other runners could “see” that it could be done so the true solution was a mental one.

Visualization is a mental strategy that is used to achieve peak performance and it’s one that everyone (not just athletes) should be exercising. Seeing in your minds eye what you want to look like should be used instead of anxiety, stress, worry and negative thinking, which will only impair your performance and action to get things done. There is no doubt that regardless of the industry all the greats of the present and past have used and still use Visualization as their number one strategy for creating success. Michael Jordan, Richard Branson, Lance Armstrong and Walt Disney are all great example of using the power of visualization. I’d say most people who get their weight loss goals also use visualization consistently, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

All of the greats, “eat”, “breathe” and “sleep” their goals, and so can you, be great. There is no room to crowd in a negative thought as you see your goal over and over again happening in your mind before achieving it in reality. Many of us are great at worrying and that’s unavoidable, but they key is to make more mental effort and time to see the positive side. It’s been long understood that …

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t… you’re right.”

Great goal visualization techniques start off by seeing it in the mind before you see it in reality. But to do that you first have to imagine it. Imagination is gods gift to us which allows us to conjure up a thought of whatever we’d like to happen. Visualization is then vividly imagining that thought through sight, smell, hearing, feeling and tasting that goal or success achieved with in every detail you can imagine. Once thought of you can simply recall that goal from your memories directory though visualization.

Goal setting is one thing, but when you visualize your goal your expectations are clear and it increases your motivation, self confidence and focus. Using your mind’s eye also allows you to realize what you will have to give or sacrifice to attain the goals you want. In this case you act and feel according to the image that you mind holds of what you would like rather than what things are really like. Mental rehearsal allows you to practice new endeavors and performances. How you perceive yourself or what you are doing will really affect how you act or react to situations. To achieve success you must first have a clear mental picture of the correct actions and outcomes before you actually do it successfully.

How It Works

Quite simply you must relax or be in a relaxed state to achieve clarity and perform visualization. Without getting to scientific about it all, positive visualization takes place at lower brain frequencies or alpha waves. This is produced when relaxing, sleeping or meditating. A lower brain frequency allows you to be in a more receptive state, and hence believe something can be achieved. When you are stressed, negative, angry or in a depressed state your brain is achieving in higher frequencies (beta mode) and positive goal thoughts are blocked.

What’s important to note that when you are relaxed your subjective, sometimes subconscious part of the mind is storage for information and makes no judgement about any of it. Your conscious mind is responsible for objections and usually the one that can sabotage your efforts. The perfect example is… have you ever dreamed of something outrageous and then woken up to it thinking that’s impossible? In effect visualization in alpha mode is many more times effective then when you are thinking about it fully awake and conscious of life’s challenges. That’s not saying that you must ignore the challenges, but creatively visualizing your desired end result in a relaxed state can program you physically meaning to certain degree you can take charge of your own physiology.

How To Do It

There are many way’s but here is a simple example. Find a comfortable place, seated or standing (not lying down) and start breathing correctly though your nose, through to your lungs and down to your stomach so that your belly/abdomen pushes out. Practice “belly” breathing whilst counting down numbers say from 100, 50 or 25. Controlled breathing helps mental focus so whilst you are performing that exercise also start visualizing your goals, with your eyes shut. Imagine yourself in a realm that you you believe possible. This allows you to project into the future by creating it in the present. For example, the clothes you are wearing were an idea imagined that was simply projected into the future before it became existent. In fact everything is that way from anything your have achieved to anything material that has been created, it must first be projected. Imagination turned to visualization gives you definite direction or destiny. So be careful what you imagine. Think of it this way, a ship without destination has no favouring winds. No matter which way the wind blows if not steered towards the unseen sight the wind is of no help. When you know where you are going, the means to get there will fall into place, and overcoming challenges or unfavourable winds will become easier.

You could even do this practice as part of your morning power hour.

The Truth

How can things go your way if you don’t know where you are going in your mind, continuously? Describe your vision on paper in detail then re-visit and picture it in your minds eye every day. For example, “I’m sitting on the white sandy beaches with the beautiful pool blue water and my new amazing lean body in a sexy red two piece bikini bathing in the bright yellow sun light. I’m able to eat all the tasty colorful foods that helps me feel strong and amazing each and every day. People are continually complementing me on my new found confidence and amazing transformation which has taken my life to new levels.”

Now it might be difficult at the start because it’s not “normal” or doesn’t seem “cool” or it’s too “airy fairy”, but how bad do you want your goals? Maybe that’s why you haven’t achieved them yet, because you’re not performing these very techniques of visualization for weight loss. Just start doing it until it become normal practice, and so that you can do it anywhere at any time. Visualize everything you want in detail, like above, the exact holiday you’re at and what it’s like with your new body, to what dress or clothes you’re are wearing when you go out with new found confidence. Mental conditioning and visualization is an exercise, just like your physical workouts. You get better with consistent practice. With practice comes positive results and your physical goals have a better chance of becoming your reality.


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