Why People Fail at Weight Loss Challenges

With so many health, fitness, transformation and weight loss challenges out there I wonder why there is such a big “failure” rate. I can tell you know from my experience of running over 15 types of these challenges, ranging from 20 to over 100 people, both online and offline there is around about a 20% “see through” or success rate. Now, I consider that if you see out the number of predetermined days within that challenge (i.e. usually, 30, 60, 90 days or other) then you are a success, regardless of the result.

So “success” in these types of programs is just participating until the end of it, but why do most fail before they even begin or get 1-2 weeks in and just give up? The answer is simple. No program or challenge will ever work for you if you just buy it, read it, try it for a week and shelve it.

The only thing that will work is applying the knowledge and taking MASSIVE action with what you learn. That’s what will work for you. That’s what worked for me and what will work for anyone.

Question is…

  • Are you ready to learn and make some mistakes?
  • Are you ready to make some sacrifices?
  • Are you ready to not digress the moment it gets boring at times?
  • Are you prepared to digress at times and just get back on track, without taking it personally?
  • Are you ready to do it alone sometimes?
  • Are you ready to change other habits outside of eating and exercise?
  • Are you really ready to transform your mind, body and your life?

These are just a some of the questions that you should be ready to answer. And if you can truthfully answer these questions with a big ass YES! Then you ‘re ready to get leaner in the fastest time possible.

Understand this – getting what you want, how you want to look, feel and function is 100% psychology/mindset, 80% eating and nutrition, then 20% exercise/training. Regardless if you agree with that philosophy or not, the truth is it doesn’t really matter what system, diet plan or philosophy you use to get fitter, leaner and stronger.

What matters is, are you going to stick to that system until you get a result? or are you going to bunny hop from from one week to another?

You see, generally speaking it’s not programs or systems for weight loss that don’t work, but rather the people who don’t stick to it consistently that don’t make it work. But why is that people don’t stick with it. Well it’s generally motivation levels. But also, how sustainable is the program for someone to stick too?

That’s where most peoples doubts and fears lie for most weight loss challenges or “diets”. But really people truly need to focus on their emotional side through personal development and understanding that it really is 100% mindset. Rather than questioning if a program works, they should be questioning their determination to stick to a consistent plan of action.

So how long do you stick to a consistent plan, before you change due to lack of results?

There are many various options out there, such as 30 days/4 weeks, 6 weeks, 12 weeks, etc. What I believe is that you don’t go in with a “fixed time-frame” mindset, instead use that fixed time to jump start your new lifestyle. Understand that it’s just the beginning. The best decision you could make is sticking to a consistent nutrition and training plan for life, but participating in a program for around 90 days or a season.

If you already know you’ll struggle with that time frame then, start with a 30 day program and just repeat it 3 times. It’s just another way to look at it. But most will see 90 days as too long, rather than just see it as 30 days done 3 times. Or even better 90 days, 1 days at a time done 90 times over.

Through my experience I’ve seen the most successful transformers get the best results from a 90 day outlook. Even if they slip back a little during the 90 days there is plenty of time to recover and not just give up. Not only that but people understand a more long term approach to their health and fitness life. 90 days also give you the opportunity to learn more about eating and exercise.

Your mind and body has truly stretched after 90 days and therefore a stretched mind makes it hard to go back to old ways, compared to short term challenges.

A stretched mind never goes back to it’s origins.

Now, that doesn’t mean that the majority of people succeed on 90 days. In fact I’d say a smaller percentage of people succeed just because 90 days seems so long to stand up. But I’m not here to improve everyone’s success rate… just yours, the one who is reading this.

These smaller percentage of 90 day challenges are more likely to go on and create a mindset shift at least and body transformation. The quitters will always be looking for the short term fixes. The 90 day challengers will hopefully understand another 90 day period may be necessary to create permanent change, until they get what they want.

In the end, your brain, like your muscles have to be stretched and exit outside the comfort zone to grow and get stronger. People fail challenges because they haven’t given themselves time to actually go through the real challenges. And the first sign of difficulty or excuse (because they didn’t answer the questions above) is enough to give up. If you want to success this time around you need stretch your mind to play in the long game so that you can get conditioned to create that lean body you have always wanted.

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