4 Things You Must Do To Jump Start Your Diet

Getting your diet off to a great start doesn’t have to be difficult. Most of the time people wanting to lose weight just need a kick start. Inertia is any persons biggest challenge, however lets get that snowball rolling down the hill and learn how to jump start your diet for optimal weight loss results right from the start.

1. Correct your mindset

The key is to always go into a diet thinking that it’s going to work. Don’t laugh at this because as simple as this sounds I know for a fact that most people think the diet won’t work or that they won’t stick with it. It’s sad but I wouldn’t even start if you’re thinking that way. If you stick to a healthy balanced diet plan, then they will work to some degree. Don’t you be the person to shoot yourself in the foot before even starting.

If you want to kickstart you mindset then read my book which you can download here.

2. Change your thinking around foods

Not all foods as created equal and this is why. Things that you see at the super markets that are loaded with preservatives, additives and other chemicals to enhance flavour or keep them on the shelves longer. These packeted foods will never be as nutritious as natural one ingredient foods. Look to prepare your meals or snacks with whole foods such as fruit, vegetables, lean meats, fish, nuts, and olive oils. If something has an ingredient that you can’t pronounce I would suggest avoiding it.

3. Clean out your cupboards

Before going shopping, clean out your own cupboards of the crap foods of course. Anything that you think is not a whole food dump it. You are what you eat and if you have food temptation that remain in your cupboards then they’ll always be staring you down, ready to be consumed and ready to ruin your progress that you worked so hard for. Ditch the poison foods and next time you go shopping replace them with whole foods as described above.

4. Start moving

Yes, a diet alone can help you lost weight and a lot of it, depending on how over weight you are. But if you just start to do any type of formal exercise then this can really accelerate your results. Whether it’s walk to work, a jog around the block or getting a personal trainer at the gym to help you out, then you will not only jump start a diet, but you will put it in overdrive. Dieting is 95% of any weight loss challenge, but adding exercise will really give you the edge.

Lastly, I want to touch on mentality again briefly. Even though I have used the word ‘diet’ in this article, I actually hate the word diet and you should too. Everyone is actually on some sort of diet and it’s just a way to describe a way someone eats, but for most of us a ‘diet’ implies that you have to deprive yourself, and that’s not true. Even though you may have to deprive yourself of many fatnening and high carb foods, you don’t have deprive yourselves. You just need to focus on all the wonderful things we can eat in a healthy eating plan. Eating plenty of wholesome foods will fuel you to lose weight and have more energy. Begin applying the above few steps and start jump starting your new fat burning healthy eating plan today.


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