The Worst Foods When Dieting

Here are 5 of the worst foods when dieting that made our western society fat. Of course, lack of exercise plays a part but if people where avoiding these foods more often, rather than using them as staples, the status of the world’s obesity problem… wouldn’t be so much of a problem.

I believe that this is common knowledge regardless of their weight, but sometimes we need a recap and confirmation. Those who look skinny, that doesn’t mean you are healthy inside if you are consuming these foods daily. If you have been gifted with a body that doesn’t seem to put on weight easily, then don’t take that for granted. It will catch-up with you in the long term.

1) Ice cream tastes great but, eat too much and the softness of the ice cream (mainly from saturated fat) will just be tacked around your body somewhere. Look for fat free alternatives, fruit sorbets or sugar/fat free frozen yoghurt’s instead. And consume ice cream in moderation.

2) Deep fried foods are a fat explosion waiting to enter your body. Each tablespoon of oil contains around 120 calories so think about deep fried take away foods and how much oil they’ve absorbed in the cooking process. Not to mention that most places reuse their oil over and over again, so the healthy value is zero.

Grilled alternative are always better.

3) Pastries/Donuts/cakes normally mix highly refined white flour and sugars with fats, such as butter and/or oil. Needless I say more. Watch out here as one may not be enough – this is the addiction that those combination of fattening ingredients cause.

Sounds obvious as an alternative, but opt for fruit and nuts instead.

4) Any white sugar, chocolate, sweets. Once again combine refined carbohydrates with high amounts of fat. The carbs spike your blood sugar levels, which gives the perfect opportunity for the fats in the foods to enter the blood circulation…ready to end up around your body.

If you must, treat yourself once or twice (no more) a week with dark chocolate. Reward your healthy eating and/or regular exercise with dark chocolate.

5) Soda, Colas and Fizzy Drinks is basically just like drinking fat, well it’s sugar which generally get’s over consumed and turns to fat. They are great if you’d like to drink 10 or more teaspoons of highly refined sugars. Do you really?

Sodas/colas/etc, may make you feel full because of the air bubble within them. But the sugars in them will give you a small blood sugar spike giving you energy for the first half an hour, and then cause you to become hungry and want more sugar.

Stick to water as it will have the exact opposite effect and has zero calories, meaning you can eat more too. If you really must have the occasional diet drink, but water with lemon and herbal teas are the best alternative.

Try and avoid these types of foods as much as possible and you’ll start to see results instantly. In fact if your diet consists heavily of these foods and your goal is to lose weight, then I guarantee that if you switch to nutrition through clean foods, you’ll even lose weight without exercise.

Some say eating these foods occasionally (once or twice a week), is good for you psychologically. I agree to an extent as you are not going for the cold turkey approach. I’d say use it as a reward if you have achieved your actions or goals for the week with your health and fitness. Sharing these foods when you go out with a friend or partner can also be something to look forward to as a reward and not as a staple.

Buyer beware, these really are the worst foods when dieting and can severely hamper your efforts in losing weight and becoming thin for life.


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