Reasons NOT To Drink More Water

So you probably thought I was going to say why NOT too drink more water… ah… wrong. Of course you must drink heaps of water, it was just some reverse psychology to make you hopefully read/watch the videos and learn the benefits of drinking more water

I had a client tell the other day that they where advised by a doctor to drink no more than 1 litre of water per day. Yet she was always feeling tired.

Of course there are many variables that could contribute to her tiredness, but let’s just start with the most vital of liquids shall we, that clear stuff. The first change I asked of her was to go from 1 litre to 2. And we found she was definitely de-hydrated because her energy started to improve and skin appeared better before the end of the first week of starting. Well, that’s what she noticed and told me.

They say 70% of the body is made of water, including muscles and organs. I would say, logically it’s quite an important element that we must replenish and almost certainly the number one factor that contributes to tiredness.

Ask anyone who is constantly tired how much water they drink? Generally under a litre. Now the recommendation is at least 2 litres. But I think with today’s demands that’s not enough for a cat. So let’s aim for 3, then 4-5 as your physical fitness increases.

Not having a decent understanding as to why you should be drinking water each day is the reason most people don’t drink more water. So watch the video below, and if you don’t want these 5 AMAZING benefits from drinking more water!

5 Reasons Not to Drink More Water… or the 5 benefits of drinking more water!

How to Drink More Water Through Your Day

Well at least this is how I plan my day’s water intake so maybe you can take some pointers from it. And yes, if you’re not getting your minimum daily requirement of water at this stage then you MUST plan it. Like you would anything if it seems like there is a task at hand.

The Bottom Line

Drink 3 litres of water per day minimum. Drink 4-5 litres of water if you are exercising each day as required. For every 1 hour of exercise it should equate to 1-2 litres of water. This hydrates you which equates to more energy, for your workout and recovery throughout the rest of your day.

These are just some of the advantages of drinking more water and exactly how to fit more water in your day. I believe water is the number one thing that everyone can do at little expense which can dramatically improve your health and wellness. The question is… are you going to stop making the excuses for such a simple thing?


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