8 Ways on How to Avoid Eating Fast Food

I personally think that looking at the photo above is enough to reduce your intake of fast food. If that is a staple food for you and you’re trying to lose weight, it might be worth saving that picture to your phone. Then when you’re tempted to scoff down some cheesy crap, look at it and picture that going straight to the fat around your belly. Doesn’t that disgust you?

Ok, so you’re looking for ways on how to avoid eating fast junk food? Here are 8 ways that can help you avoid those nasty foods, which will make you sad and end up around your waist in the long term. Understand that it can create short term happiness, but true long term satisfaction will ultimately come from reaching your goals.

And you won’t get your goals of having more confidence, more energy and losing weight by eating fast food each day.

Fast food can be a disaster to us trying to lose weight and build a fitter body. But in this busy fast paced world it seems that fast food is the easy way out from preparing or purchasing healthier foods. It’s thought to be cheaper and quicker. But in this day and age I doubt it’s that much cheaper.

It certainly won’t be cheaper for you in the long term when you’re battling the health issues that come with junk food.

By saying that I mean it’s terrible for your body and often means you’ll put weight on much easier. If you constantly eat junk food, the macro nutrients (Carbs, Proteins, Fats) are often out of wack and provide way to much calories in anyone one instant.

Here are a 8 pointers on how to avoid eating fast junk food:

1) Eat before you leave the house. By eating healthy food before you leave you will feel fuller and avoid wanting to stop by the drive through on the ways to work or in a hurry.

2) Plan and Prepare healthy meals whilst in and being outside of home. So if you know you won’t be home for lunch, prepare yourself a healthy meal, pack it and bring it with you (including snacks).

3) Trick you mind. Continue to have will power by telling yourself that junk food is unhealthy. Good foods will keep you feeling on top of the world, you’ll feel great by the end of the day because it.

Another trick is to associate eating fast junk food with a negative thought. So the next think of eating a cake as eating a slab of butter. Then at the same time pinch the fat on your body that’s most disgusting for you. This provides a mind-body association, which will stop you from wanting that crap instantly.

4) Fill your house, car and working areas with healthy snacks, and ones that you like. Having healthy snacks at hand will stop you from emptying the crappy foods vending machines.

5) Keep busy in life and go exercise. Go relax and read a book, drink more water or have a lie down in the park, reflect or be mindful. By focusing your mind on other things and physically keep busy, you will forget about junk food that is in your cupboards or on the corner of the street.

6) Set goals, read them every day and be mindful of your present situation. Think about junk and switch to focusing on your goals instead and really feel it deep down on and emotional level. Then answer this question – is eating this junk food allowing me to get closer to my goal or not? NOT!

7) Experiment with cooking new foods. By doing this not only will you learn new recipes and get new ideas, you’ll also have more fun and learn more about food in general. Good food equals good fuel, bad foods equals’ poor fuel which will dictate the way your body looks, feels and functions.

8) Don’t be a afraid of having a MRP (meal replacement shake). Quality shakes generally have a balanced profile of macro nutrients and are low in fat. I find it hard to believe what most people’s definition of “meal” is, if it’s generally over-carbohydrate and fat loaded, with little protein. But then they often call a healthy shake a “meal replacement”.

MRP’s are also the answer, if you’re thinking of skipping a meal when you feel hungry. As you need to stoke the fire (your metabolism) consistently to burn the fat, use them for convenience and creating healthy habits. I’d consider them a tasty “healthy fast food”, so suck one down as an alternative to “junk fast food”.

So once in every while fast food, won’t kill you and might also give you a psychological advantage. But buyer beware, it can become a habit doing it too often. I’d recommend a junkie treat no more than twice per week as a reward for actioning something significant towards your goals.

Making a decision to avoid eating fast food more often to lose weight is simply about making a choice. Is the action you take in regards to eating taking you closer too or further away from achieving your goals? The choice is always yours. Choose to lose weight or live healthier by focusing on what you can eat, not what you can’t. Focus on eating “healthy fast foods”, and let’s admit there are plenty too choose from as I’m sure you are aware.


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