How to Feel Fuller For Longer

Want to know how to feel full for longer? When attempting to eat healthier, one of the big obstacles that stops you from sticking to it may be hunger. Keeping your mind off food, whilst your gut is rumbling is damn difficult if you’re hungry. So it’s a matter of knowing which “diets” are based on foods that will keep you feeling full until your next feeding. And which are designed to keep you starving, hungry and actually fatter in the long run.

Whatever the diet make sure that they contain these types of foods if you want long term success.

Protein That is Low in Fat

A diet higher in fat can actually make you feel hungry soon after, so instead look for replacing unhealthy fats with Protein. Incorporate protein sources such as eggs, skinless chicken, fish, lean red meat, and low fat dairy when planning you meals.

These protein sources generally have a small amount of good fats and won’t hurt you. Also nuts and seeds are a great protein snack on the run. But keep it to a handful as they are generally higher in fat, which can lead to over-consumption.

When looking for a lean protein source look for something that has 10 grams (or less) of fat per 100 grams portion.

High Fibre Foods

You’ve all heard of it, but are you getting enough? Look for high fibre foods that are lower in calories such as vegetables. You can never over eat vegetables so go for as much as you want to make you feel full.

Legumes (i.e. beans) and starch carbohydrates such as wholemeal grains (i.e. bread, cereals, pasta) and potatoes are good too but just don’t over eat them, and stick to one serving per meal.

Depending on your activity levels that could also one serving per day if you’re trying to lose weight. Your starch carbohydrate intake will of course also depend on your goals so always consult a coach for more guidance.

Please keep in mind that the recommended daily intake of fibre should be roughly 20-30 grams per day. You may need to count the grams of fibre you’re getting at the start each day, until you’re confident with your eating plan.

A higher fibre intake is not only important to help you feel full, it’s also important for digestive health.

Foods with High Water Content

Research has shown that people who eat foods (or snack on) things with high water content such as fruit, vegetables or low fat soups, feel full for longer.

The lesson is, because you’re on a health, fitness and weight loss blog… surprise… Swap the chocolates and chips for a few pieces of fruit or nuts with much lower in calories and healthier calories.

Water content in food is not only important for that full feeling but it is vital to your overall health and well being, nutrient transport and so much more. This leads me to…

Drink More Water

That’s right, drink some pure clean water, at least 8-12 glasses or 2-3 per day to start with. If you’re struggling with your water intake then go check out this 5 Reasons NOT To Drink More Water, which has some great short video training.

Water will fill your stomach and hold your hunger pangs until the next meal time. By eating smaller meals (5-6 times) through out the day you could also be increasing your metabolism and hence prepare your body to burn more fat in the long run.

Isn’t that a great side effect to eating as above as well? Burning more fat in the long run. There are a few tips on how to feel full for longer. Include more of the above foods in your daily eating plan. You’ll surely stop thinking so much about food all of the time, have more energy to train and have more time to focus on those other important projects in life.


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