How to Maintain a Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan That Allows You To Eat More

Being obese or overweight can cause a lot of troubles in your health which could also lead to even further health complications. There have been a lot of studies showing the negative health effects of being overweight such as cardiac problems, hypertension, and even diabetes. Aside from these symptoms, it could also hinder you from freedom of movement such as running around or even from being able to sit yourself properly on a chair, but if you’re reading this you’re probably already aware of this, right? I have come across many people who along with their extra 20-30kg have also have had injured knees, hips and bad backs, etc., and they wonder why. Even if the injury happened through accident, being overweight still doesn’t help the ability for your body to recover from the injury.

I believe there is only way to reverse the effects of being obese or overweight, and it starts with following a healthy weight loss dieting plan. Generally, professional doctors, nutritionists and dietitians suggest plans which begins by cutting down on the amount of calories that you consume. This is one of the hardest parts of being on a weight loss program as there is a lot of effort in order get off the extra foods that you may be craving can be a tight fight with yourself. But that’s not the way I look at it, nor did I teach my clients to look at eating less food or consuming more calories. In many cases, my clients actually ate move food overall, but just made better choices.

The abrupt change in the amount of food intake can directly affect your health when you go on a diet which heavily restricts your calories. That’s why I always started off my clients by eating slightly more volumes of foods than why they were used too. Generally this meant eating more often too, and smaller portions through out the day. This is one way for your body to take on a much healthier and balanced approach to dieting. In my dieting programs I usually recommended plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein sources, lean dairy products and a smaller amounts of whole grain based carbs. And of course plenty of water through out the day. I think the key to your own sustainable healthy weight loss is to create a diet plan that suits your life rather than strickly following pre-planned diets. Your only task is to sticking to the guidelines of healthier foods overall in your quest to lose weight and not just eating a weeks worth of calories on the weekend, just because you have lost 1 kilogram in the week. Don’t think you can get away with it!

Know that you have started your plan, now we’ll talk about how to maintain your healthy diet and maintain your weight loss. If you’ve been successful in losing weight on a certain diet then just continue doing what you did from the start. It’s hard for people to continue sometimes when they get their goals, because they still believe they’re on a “diet.” It’s the perception that you take that will make it easier, but if your diet plan is working and you have already sustained it to lose some weight then simply continue to do it. But I know it’s not that simple so here some great tips on how to maintain a healthy diet, now that you’ve got the ball rolling.

Treat Yourself

It can be hard restricting yourself from foods that you once loved. Junk foods such as fried fish and chips, ice cream, pizza, chocolate can really play on your mind. So once in while, maybe 1-2 times per week treat yourself with what ever you desire. Just don’t make it a serving like the burger in the picture above. Not only will you get a psychological advantage from having your favourite foods, but the boost in calories for the day will trick you metabolism a little and your body will adapt by increasing it’s ability to burn off the excess calories that you may take in every now and then. The key here is to ensure you understand that these opportunties are for you just to get a small fix of what you crave and not over eat it, or use it as an excuse to say, “once I start I just can’t stop.” My mother said to me often… everything in moderation, and she was right.

Don’t forget how you want to look

It’s easy if you’ve been successful in losing weight to slip back into old habits and become the person that we once dreaded. Well let me ask you? Do you want to look like that again? Find a picture of your old self and look at it, that should be enough motivation to keep anything on the straight and narrow diet. If you have started your weight loss journey and still have a way to got to get your ultimate goal, don’t forget how far you have come.

Forget how you don’t want to look

Now I want you now to focus on how good you look or how you really want to look. So whilst it’s good to remind ourselves how we looked in the past, like I told you above by finding an old photo, it’s not good to look back too much. Someone once said that “if you look in the review mirror for too long, you’re bound to crash”.  Yes looking back in the past can also lead to depressing feelings and that exactly what you could end up doing – depression, food, overeating and you know how the rest of story goes.

Focus on the here and now, and eat continue to live on that healthy diet plan that has got you where you are already, and just forget about how you don’t want to look.

Now I know I didn’t mention too much about foods to eat in this article because I believe maintaining a healthy diet is more about how you handle it mentally than physically. Knowing how to maintain a healthy diet is as simple as eating the right foods consistently and adding some regular exercise, combined with a postive mental attitude. This is an added bonus that will produce more energy, make you stronger and burn more fat, yes that is exercising at the same time as having a positive attitude. Get these elements in harmony working together and you’ll have no problems maintaining your healthy diet and continually reducing you waistline until you hit your goals.

Whichever diet plan you decide to take you should always strive to follow it faithfully. It will be a difficult process in the beginning both physically and mentally. Especially after being used to eating a lot of food the wrong foods. What you have to keep in mind is the benefit and the end-result of your healthy weight loss diet plan, because the only method of achieving healthy weight loss is through a basic plan that you can stick too for life.


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