How To Stop Food Cravings

How do you stop food cravings when you want to gain a slimmer waistline and fitter body? Bad foods that can cause havoc with your goals, and your mentality will play a strong part here. There are other cravings that can stop you from losing weight long term, and one of those habits is smoking. But for the purposes of this article I will talk about how I control cravings with food, that’s not to say it can’t stop you smoking if you firmly make a decision you want to quit.

You’re probably not going to understand this until you actually start eating more, but if you’ve got food cravings (especially bad one’s), it’s simply because you’re not eating enough of the right foods… and yes a little mind control. But I’d say it’s generally the first reason, so here I’m going to tell you how to cut craving by eating more, you’re shocked I know.

Eat Breakfast Like a Boss

It’s early in the morning and you have just risen from bed and you’re craving a sugary start to the day. Why? Because your blood sugar levels are now low after a nights sleep. So you might opt for some chocolates left over from the night before, or lucky charms that you feed your kids with.

Firstly, you must eat in the morning; it’s the basis of controlling your cravings throughout the day. But, instead of the sinful foods, have a small bowl oatmeal, with berries and protein instead.

Or flip your mindset and have a savoury based breakfast. For example, Have some eggs or piece of chicken, 3 vegetables (i.e. spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms), plus 1 piece of fruit. Having protein will make you fuller and decrease the chances of you overeating or wanting more half an hour later.

No time? Then make a lean healthy shake instead with Whey or soy protein, fruit, veges and a few drops of flaxseed oil for those omega 3 fatty acids.

Drink like a fish

You’re craving a can of cola? Then switch to the no sugar varieties. Chances are you have formed a slight addiction of the caffeine too, so have a good espresso (limit coffee to twice per day) and drink more water or herbal tea and in time you will feel the same.

Caffeine and teas will give you a quick shot of energy and there are no calories to burn, drink more herbal teas (i.e. green tea, even cold) and plenty of water which will in turn hydrates you and helps to stop food cravings.

Enjoy lunch like a prince(ss)

For lunch you may want a massive plate of cheesy chips, sausage and mash or pasta alla’carbonara. Ok, once and a while it’s fine but don’t make a habit of it, and ask for a smaller portion, with plenty of veges or salad on the side.

Controlling your cravings is just that – control and moderation, not total elimination.

But the majority of the time make sure you’re eating a leaner form of lunch which includes lean meat, a handful of health carbs like a small amount of brown rice or potato with tomato based sauce and plenty of veges/salad, and a piece of fruit.

You will probably find that, that type of lunch is more food, but actually has much less calories so you can feel great mentally, not just physically.

Mid afternoon delights and snacks

It’s mid afternoon and controlling your craving for is starting to get difficult. Firstly, start thinking of your goals of getting a slimmer waistline. Then, instead of the pack of biscuits or crisps have a slice of wholemeal sandwich with all natural peanut butter and sugar free jam; Or a handful of nuts with fruit; Or a lean healthy shake as mentioned above.

This will give you some healthy carbs for energy until your dinner and a dose of healthy fats and protein to satisfy your hunger. When craving sweet sugary foods like chocolate, eat some fruit and nuts instead they will make you fuller and give you more energy for longer, without the excess in calories.

Of course make sure you have a nice healthy dinner. This should be similar to your lunch and may include legumes and vegetables, instead of starchy carbs. If your dinner is early, you can eat something small one-two hours before you go to bed as you final snack. This will stop you from getting hungry during the night and drip feed your body for muscle recovery. Studies have shown that you may sleep better as well.

Try some blueberries and cottage cheese (low fat), or some sugar free jelly with teaspoons of peanut butter, which tastes great.

In the end you have to stop food cravings today with your mind first. Yes, it’s a mental thing, never stop envisioning what you want to achieve when it comes to your body and goals. Think of your goals and then if you want to lose weight, ask yourself – is eating this chocolate bar going to get me closer to my goal or further away? Save the sinful snacks for once or twice a week and curb food cravings by actually eating more and more of the right healthy foods.


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