My Current Fuel (Nutrition) Plan for the Every Day Athlete

If you get your weight loss goal, then the amount of food you will be able to consume with your new body will amaze you. Provided you keep active with resistance and cardio training, you will be able to eat similar to an athlete. If you’re aiming for athletic feats, and your calorific expenditure is excessive, then you will no doubt eat as much as an athlete does.

But to eat like an athlete we must think like one. Or maybe as the analogy below describe, we could “think” like a Formula 1 does.

Much like any car that doesn’t have emotions but just needs quality fuel, I don’t look at food emotionally and taste is of little concern to me any more. Food is just fuel to burst through the day with energy and to thrive through the great times and also the many unwanted challenges of life.

Without good nutrition as fuel, you may survive, but the current state of your body will give you the real feedback as to how you feel, look and function. One of the biggest factors that contributes to your body’s status is your nutritional intake, much more than your exercise and energy output.

Do you want to just stumble through the day like a rusted bomb? Or would you prefer to have the energy to win the race as a Formula 1? Your choice.

Here is my “high octane fuel only” plan. Please note at the time of writing I was using Herbalife nutrition and supplementation. I found that it did help me with convenience, but more so with it’s effect on my energy levels and lean muscle maintenance.

5am – Formula 1 (F1) shake (1 serve with water). Another glass of water, with a dash of apple cider vinegar or lemon and Aloe Vera also helps the metabolism and digestive system fire up!

8am – Meal 1: Breakfast – 3 whole eggs with veges (2 serves) and a piece of fruit + tablets, herbal tea + 800mls water. 1 x Espresso coffee.

11am – F1 shake + Personalised protein (PP) (2 serves of each) Meal replacement shake (MRP) with ice water and berries and a healthy fat such as TBLSP of natural peanut butter (no salt or sugar) or flax oil.

12/1pm – 2pm – Kettlebells or other resistance/cardio training. Dependant of day it could be 1-2 hours of exercise and Roughly 2 litres of water throughout.

15 mins after training – Post-workout 24 Rebuild Strength shake (1 serves)

3pm, within an hour of training Meal 2: Lunch – Lean protein, veges (2 serves), with oil based dressing, plus a starch carbs such as a wrap, potato, rice or pasta (1 serve) + tablets, herbal tea. 1 x Espresso coffee, only if I feel I want it.

5pm, Protein based snack time – i.e. low fat natural/Greek yogurt with, nuts. Or just nuts with some fruit or vege snacks + 800mls water.

8pm, Meal 3: Dinner – Lean protein, veges (2 serves), with oil based dressing + tablets, herbal tea.

9pm – Last snack  (optional if I felt like it), Protein bar and peanut butter or small amount of cottage cheese with some F1 and natural peanut butter.

10pm – Bed time.

That’s my plan.

But don’t get me wrong about the emotional part, I do love the taste of good food. In fact I’ve traveled the world experiencing some of the most delicious foods that can be offered. Anyway, I’d say what is in my plan tastes damn good. Remembering that in my everyday life I just see food as fuel, but make sure its optimal grade, regardless of taste.

This kind of program is obviously geared towards someone who wants more athletic performance. Now that I’m mid-30 (which is not old by any means), I just understand that it’s even more crucial that I get all the vitamins, minerals and calories required to fuel my lifestyle and exercise plan. I’m well aware that I’m losing lean muscle mass (the engines of our bodies), faster then when I was in my 20’s. Therefore I need quality nutrition fast if I’m going to counter that effect.

You wouldn’t consume this if you are trying to lose quite a bit of weight. I just want to let people know that yes even in my 30’s, I’m able to consume more calories now then when I was in my early to mid 20’s (not as active and overweight). I’ve now trained my metabolism long term to be active long term, if I continue to choose this lifestyle.

Now that doesn’t mean I’m the leanest fella going around, I just feel leaner and damn healthy. Knowing that I can eat all this and still never put on weight if I continue to exercise regularly as part of my healthy active lifestyle.

By the way I’ve had clients in their 40’s and 50’s at the top of their game, and actually get leaner with this kind consumption too. They have had the patience to train their metabolism to eat more and be in the best shape of their life too.

If you are looking for more of a fat loss nutritional program then I would obviously cut down on calories (just slightly), but be excited at the same time. When you have hit your lean goal, you too will have the metabolism to consume this amount of food. Yes you can, provided you lead an active healthy lifestyle with both formal and informal exercise.

Get a free consultation and ask a coach for a specific plan right for you.

It’s a long term view plus patient mindset that will allow you to win the game… long term, for life. Not a short term I wanted it yesterday attitude.

Why do I use supplements in that amounts now when I can just eat food?

Correct, I can just eat food all day but, I’ve done and still do meal preparation. However, no longer do I have to worry about preparing and worrying about 4-6 meals per day. It’s more like 3 which doesn’t take me a lot of time anyway. I save time with quality nutritional shakes and it has become a treat/reward as well as a convenience. Even if  on occasions I haven’t prepared a breakfast, lunch or dinner… my nutritionally dense meal replacement shake is ready to be sucked down so I don’t miss that opportunity to continue to fuel my body and metabolism.

This also means I have more time to do the things I love such as, work on my projects and give service and education to other people. My job.

Those of you with kids and families, studies, jobs or businesses I’m sure can relate to NOT having as much time to do a strict “body builder” 6 or more meals per day style diet. You need more selfless time for others, then you need selfishly for yourselves. That’s not saying you can’t find the time if you really want it, it’s just saying that you have a choice to eat and fuel yourself correctly (or incorrectly) however you want.

But the end game should always be to …

… Be able to eat MORE of the correct nutritionally valuable foods (or quality shakes which is just food in another form), then you ever did before. Whilst still hitting your end goals, whether that be leaner for life and/or an athletic in your own right.


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