Six Pack Diet and Cardio For Six Pack Abs

It’s 2008 and you may be looking for ways to finally get your six back abs or on the other end of the scale, been exercising and exercising, but still your struggling to shift the flab. So what should your ideal six pack diet include and what kind of cardio should we be doing? Well here is your long term general guide that you can print out and stick it to your fridge, so you can see it next time you head for that tub of vanilla chocolate fudge ice cream, pinned next your role model six pack abs model.

Fruit and vegetables (dahhh!)

If you’re getting your daily inadequate vitamins and minerals from chocolate and biscuits, then forget about your six pack. Government guidelines recommend 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Well aim for 7 because it wont kill you! It really isn’t that hard, all you have to do is swap an apple for a biscuit (or whatever your swapping preferences are, junk to vegetable). You know you could probably eat 5 small apples for the same amount of calories that are in 2 chocolate biscuits and guess what the apples will make your fuller and will provide you will the adequate vitamins and minerals you need. So you want to aim for 5 vege portions and 2 fruit portions, around the size of your fist. Do it, you will feel much better.

Lean meat, fish and dairy.

Its the protein in food that will help you six pack pop out. You know your abdominals are muscles just like and other part of your body, i.e. bicep, quads, chest, hence when you exercise them, they breakdown and it will be the protein in your six pack diet that will help regenerate and grow you abdominal muscles. Know I am not talking chickens with skin on and fatty cuts of beef. Here you will eat lean chicken breast, turkey, white fish, tuna, salmon, lean cut red meats, cottage cheese and 2% fat skim milk. Oh and a portion of protein is the size of your open palm.

Wholewheat and grains.

Keep these type of foods to directly after a gym session. Try replacing your white bread, pasta, cereals, rice products for wholegrain/brown pasta, bread, oatmeals and rice. These foods will one, help your stay fuller for longer as it take longer for your body to process them and hence you will receive a much steadier flow of energy to your brain and the rest of your body. And two, they contain more vitamins and minerals to fuel your muscles for that next workout, or your day ahead.

Good fats.

Olive oil, sun flower oil, olives, avocados, nuts. These are natures fats and are the ones that are going to keep your blood flowing smoothly, not block it. Try and avoid animal generated fats and they are the once that are highest in saturated fat. General rule of thumb is not to have more than a tablespoon of any fat at any once sitting as well.

Balance the above foods (i.e. one from each category) in each meal, whilst eating regularly at 2-4 hour intervals and your six pack will be well on track, with the assistance of your cardio which i’ll explain next.

Cardio For Six Pack Abs

Cardiovascular training or cardio as we know it, is an aerobic solution that allows for more oxygen to be pumped through your body and hence burn more energy, muscle or fat. Latest research suggests that if you want six pack abdominals and a physique like a 100 meter sprinter, then less is actually more. So what’s the best cardio for a six pack then?

H.I.T.T. – High Intensity Interval Training.

What is it? Well it basically makes you work slightly harder with less time. So forget about the age old notion of spending hours on the treadmill. All you really need is 20 minutes 2-3 times per week, at a varied pace. Here is why, new research has found that long state steady cardio can actually start burning muscle for energy. Now, muscle is your fat burner, yes, the more lean muscle you have the higher your metabolism. So why would you want to burn your muscles?

On the other hand HITT is anaerobic, much like weight training because the intensity is varied. So after a resistance training session your metabolism is continually raised as it tries to repair your body. However, after slow and boring low intensity cardio your metabolism returns to normal, but with HITT your body’s’ metabolism is raised for up to the next 24 hours, sometimes up to 48 hours.

So, train with Intensity. When it comes to cardio for a six pack, the next time you’re at the gym on your chosen cardio machine or going for a jog, try this.

For the next 20 minutes –

  • Warm up for 4 minutes.
  • Run at 8.0 kmh for 1 minute (your level 6-7)
  • Walk or slow jog at 5-6 kmh for 2 minutes (your level 5)
  • Run at 9.0 kmh for 1 minute (your level 7-8)
  • Walk or slow jog at 5-6 kmh for 2 minutes (your level 5)
  • Run at 10.0 kmh for 1 minute (your level 8-9)
  • Walk or slow jog at 5-6 kmh for 2 minutes (your level 5)
  • Run at 11.0 kmh for 1 minute (your level 9-10)
  • Walk or slow jog at 5-6 kmh for 2 minutes (your level 5)
  • Cool down for 4 minutes.

Above is a hill style of HITT training. There are many more, that you can simple Google. I’ll finish up asking you a question when it comes to cardio for six pack abs. Would you prefer to look like a marathon runner or would you like to look like a muscular 100m sprinter? If you chose the later then you will need a solid 2-3 days per week weights routine coupled with the king of cardio training HITT to get those six pack abs.


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