Strip That Fat: Tips How You Can Start Today

Have you tried to diet in the past and failed? Are you still happy with being overweight, or even worse obese? If your ready to do something about it then read on and find out how you can start to strip that fat. If you don’t, then that is fine but I am here to tell you that you’re potentially putting yourself at a much, much higher risk of health problems…now, in the future, and possible for the rest of your life! That’s not including the the problems associated with your confidence, and just generally being embarrassed of your unhealthy size.

Firstly, here are some quick facts for you –

In America: 64% of people are overweight and 27% are classified as obese.

In Europe: 48% of people are overweight.

Worldwide: 300 million people are obese and 750 million people are overweight.

Obesity costs on average $75 millions per year because of it’s long and expensive treatment.

But here is the worst bit: Obesity is responsible for between 325,000 to 400,000 deaths each year!

Alarming statistics right? Question is, are you one of (or soon to be) just another one of those statistics?

Reasons to Strip that fat!

Well is simple, here are just a few reason (or should I say health issues) that you may encounter if you don’t start building that healthy body. Apart from obviously being overweight or obese you are also at a much higher risk of experiencing:

  • thyroid problems (related to the rate of your metabolism)
  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • asthma
  • coronary heart disease
  • type 2 diabetes
  • cancer

…and the list could go on, but you get the picture. Would you really want any of these issues in your life?

Strip that Fat Today!

1. Have you ever heard that your eating (sorry, I hate the word diet) is 95% of the battle of the bulge? Well guess what, that right. Start by eating wholesome natural foods, including plenty of fruit, veges and legumes. Also whole grains such breads, pasta and rice (but limit these two a handful per meal). Together with lean proteins such as poultry, eggs, fish and lean meat. More importantly however, stay as clear from alcohol, and if you must a small glass of wine every now and then won’t hurt.

2. Variety is the key here, your body needs plenty of nutrition so make sure you mix it up and eat regularly smaller serving to keep that metabolism revved up and burning all day long. Aim for 5 – 6 smaller meals per day. Most importantly…never ever skip breakfast, your just setting yourself up for failure. A bowl of wholesome oatmeal is the best start to any persons day.

3. I don’t care whether you 15 or 150 years old you can fit exercise in…and you must. Burning excess calories, rather than starving yourself is a much healthier (and better) way of losing weight. A good 1/2 hour per day at least 4 days per week should do the trick. Once again mix it up, so do one day Resistance training (or weights) and one day cardio (i.e. running). This will also stop you from getting bored. Don’t forget and this one is crucial, get plenty of rest between exercise, as this is when your body will rebuild and really lose weight.

Of course building your best body does not only requires the best nutrition, exercise and the best advice, it also require the mindset. Set goals, however small or big they may be and visualize yourself each and everyday being already in the body of your dreams. Start to strip that fat today, and sign up below to get my free guide and program.


As a Trainer and Coach for over 10 years now, I've helped many people reach their goals as well as achieve my own including having lost 35kg. I'm my very own guinea pig when it come to achieving a fitter, healthier life and now I'm here to help you. Start by signing up to the Really Really Fit newsletter, Free Book and Video training that will change your mindset and life.

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