The Dangers of Getting Thin Fast Diets

Ever wanted to get thin fast? How many 7 day, 2 week, 1 month (lose all your weight) diets have you been on so far? How many have been successful and are you still unhappy with the results? Well sorry to break it to you, but all get thin fast fad diets are crap! Yes, they may work “temporarily”, but your putting yourself and your body in more danger than you really thought and here are reasons why you should avoid getting thin fast though these types of diets.

1. Low carb diets

Why not just throw your brain away? You know, the brains primary source of energy is glucose, and carbs get converted to glucose in your blood, so if you’re limiting them, or even worse, cutting them out, then guess what? Here is what you’re in for – headaches, irritability, loss of sleep, tiredness, lack of energy, getting angry easier and lower metabolism. So if you’ve tried or going to try low-carb, Atkins-style diets, forget about it. Long term they don’t work, they’re too strict, not sustainable and stop your body from functioning properly.

2. Low fat diets

Do you want to starve your heart? Well that’s what your doing when you cut all the fats out. Non-saturated fats (or EFA – essential fatty acids) are absolutely necessary for the heart and free flowing blood circulation. Plus many foods that claim to be “low fat” can be just as calorie ridden with sugary carbs which can just as easily make you fat, when you’re not converting it and burning them carbs off as energy.

3. Starvation diets that give you less 1000 calories per day

By far the worst thing you can do for your body to get thin fast is starve yourself, period. Obviously you know that your body requires food to function right? Well here are the (non) benefits your getting with starving yourself with silly 1000 calorie of less diets. Your brain will malfunction and your metabolism will drastically slowdown meaning that when you do start eating again (and you will), you’re just going to put all the weight you initially lost back on, maybe even more.

Great, so if you want the above to happen to you while you’re on these diets then go for it, but first understand this – you can’t lose weight and stay healthy by starving your body of it’s nutrition.

Now this is what really happens when you partake in one of these ridiculous diets. Your body actually compensate for the lack of calories (fats, carbs or proteins) by using more of it’s water and muscle proteins (essential amino acids) reserves, and that can cause weight loss too. But it’s not proper fat loss, it’s just water or muscle loss. Do you want to lose water and muscle or fat? The choice is yours. Get thin fast by using the realistic eating and exercise plans that are healthy for you, and will actually strip that fat.


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