The Fat Ugly Truth About Your Health, Fitness and New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the start of 2014, and for many this means more new years resolutions and failed attempts at them. Truth – how many new years resolutions have you attempted and not necessary failed at, but more so given up on? The truth is, we have to change our way of thinking, get real with ourselves, and say that …

“If I’m not going to change, nothing will. More so if i’m not going to change and perform new habits …. CONSISTENTLY, then nothing will change.”

The Fat Ugly Truth About Your New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Keyword is consistency, and this consistency concept is going to be as real now in 2014 as it was the previous years, and as it will be in all the years to come.

I don’t believe in the new years resolutions meaning anymore. I just believe in “new years”. A new year is definitely always going to succeed at the same time each year. But “resolutions” (a resolve to find a solution to your problems), they’re choice, so it’s not always going to succeed. Plus you don’t have to wait for a new year to make resolutions and succeed at them. True?

If you do wan’t to change your habit’s and get healthier, which automatically make you fitter, then you MUST change your habits. If any of the following FAT UGLY TRUTHS resonate with you then maybe it is time to make some CONSISTENT change with them.

The following points are to the point and more so when you need that kick up the ass, just return to this article as your guide as to what you’re either doing wrong or doing right.

The Fat Ugly Truths About Getting Healthier

  1. Stop smoking! (if you do), you’re killing yourself! Inhibiting your lungs from producing fat burning oxygen to your system and probably stopping your metabolism from burning efficiently whilst it tries to continually get rid of the toxins from your body.
  1. Stop eating junk food too often – once or twice a week OK. But if you’re really over weight ONCE MAX. Any more and you might as well start smoking to kill yourself (if you aren’t already).
  1. Eat more! YES, eat more, not less. Start getting your body to metabolise MORE NATURAL one ingredient foods or meals made up of one ingredient foods, which make up big meals.
  1. This leads me to talk more about powders/shakes and pills/supplements. Whilst I’ve always been a HUGE advocate of real food. Real food just isn’t the same any more these days and you’re probably not eating it anyway. If junk and NO food or NO “food group” diets are your choice, then sorry, your “whole real food” philosophy has failed you. This mindset only applies if you’re finding real food and eating it consistently. If you’re finding it a difficult task, then make you’re life easier to begin with and consume more HIGH quality calories, through meal replacement shakes, so that your body can start firing up your metabolism. Find a solution, not an excuse. As for pills (supplements), use these as they will give you some nutritional insurance that you’re getting the vitamins and minerals you may need. Plus it may give you that placebo effect that may trigger you to get your butt into gear!
  1. Did I mention EAT MORE, not less? NUTRITION is 80% (some would argue its even more of the game). So if you you’re not eating more and a huge variety of it, including all food groups plus the occasional treats then you’re going to fail.
  1. Stop whining that healthy food doesn’t taste as good as junk. Make it taste as good or get used to it. You simple are looking at it the wrong way, and getting to emotional about it. Use it as high quality fuel to get you lean and proud, not food to get you fat and ugly. Think of your car, it doesn’t get emotional about the type of fuel it needs to run, it just needs fuel and a lot of it these days. But what I do know about cars is that you’ll get more performance, fuel economy and a cleaner engine with Premium vs. regular unleaded. So are you feeding yourself with premium nutrition?
  1. Eat carbohydrates and fats! The good ones. The reason why you either feel like crap and overweight or obese is that you haven’t had the right combination of those macro nutrients together with Protein over time. If you’re skinny and feel like crap and still lack energy and feel like you’re over weight it’s probably because you’re trying to cut out carbs and fats. Oh the serial dieter, I pray for your health, sanity and well-being.
  1. Water – 2 litres / 8 glasses is enough. Yeah, maybe if you’re cat! Smash 3-4 litres minimum a day, no excuses, 2 in the morning , 1-2 in the afternoon!
  1. Breather more! YES you didn’t think I was going to mention that… but breathing deeply in and out will help, with providing more oxygen to your muscles, stress less and give you the energy to workout and burn fat!
  1. Stop ‘thinking’ of illness and/or disease. If you have a chronic issue, I understand it can be tough, but I’m assuming if you’re reading this it may have something to do with a lifestyle habit. Start abiding by the top 9 tips and start ‘thinking’ in the direction of wellness and being at optimal health. When you feel a cold come one, fight it with great nutrition and not drugs. If you have knee problems and you’re over weight, stop looking for answers through drugs and other specialists, simple lose weight and alleviate the pain because it’s probably related to the fact that your knees can’t hold you up!

The Fat Ugly Truths About Getting Fitter

Here are 10 truths you don’t have to do, so that you fail at fitness every time (my attempt at reverse psychology).

  1. Don’t move more. Take the escalator and lift ALL THE TIME. Use the car ALL THE TIME and don’t vacuum your house or mow the lawns ever. Lack of informal movement will decrease your fitness over time.
  2. Don’t do weights training. YES EVERYONE AT WHATEVER AGE should participate in some form of weight resistance training. Your muscles are what move you and the stronger you are the more muscle you have, the less fat and weak you’ll be. That’s not to say that if you are over weight, you’re not strong. You’re just overweight or obese which will catch up with you in time. Also if you’re looking for your abs, stop doing 1000 sit-ups per week, and focus on you’re healthy eating plan. That’s where they’re uncovered, with low body fat.
  3. Don’t do cardio, complimentary to your weights training program. NOT the other way around. Even if you’re lean and don’t think it’s necessary, cardio once a week is important for heart health. So go for a power walk around the block at least. And if you’re over weight, don’t think cardio is more important than weights, it’s either equally, but never more. Plus, how else are you going to chase the thief that stole your $1000 Louis Vutton handbag? (my attempt at some humor).
  4. Don’t focus on resting and recover – get less than 4 hours of sleep each night. You must try sleep a minimum of 6 to max 8 hours per day. Any less is to little for rest and recover. On the other side and more than 8 hours, is probably why you don’t have energy or are overweight.
  5. Don’t have performance goals. Wanting to lose weight or get in better shape aesthetically is great! But I guarantee if you focus on running a 5km or lifting a heavier weight or playing a new sport, I guarantee your better shape results will come faster.
  6. Don’t start ‘thinking’ thin. If you’re always focused on being fat, where in your head space do you think you have time to think like a lean mean fighting and eating machine person does?
  7. Don’t be CONSISTENT. There is that word again. Regardless of your goal, if you’re not training on a regular basis every week… FORGET ABOUT IT junior!
  8. Don’t stick to a program or plan. Keep on trying the next best fat burning routine that comes out on Danoz direct or Facebook. If you think that if I buy that latest gadget or if I do that latest exercise it will work. NO. If you don’t have the basics down pat, then your need to stick to a basic plan/program first. And if you don’t have a plan, god help you. Seek help from a pro.
  9. Don’t challenge yourself. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. But that’s ok, you don’t want it bad enough anyway, do you?
  10. Say to yourself that everything will be all right and you have your family and friends confirm that with you. But will it be alright? Will it really, or are you just telling yourself a big fat ugly lie?

That’s it. If you don’t like to hear any of the above truths, it’s probably because you’ve failed your “new years resolutions” before, and told yourself subconsciously it’s ok to fail. It is ok to fail, but the truth is you failed because you GAVE UP your new years resolution ideas. That’s not failing, that’s giving up and as long as you get up, move on and start working on yourself to become fitter for life by doing the opposite to the list above, you can’t fail.

Some of those points may be harsh, but they are the truth. Sometimes the truth can hurt if you let it. Of it can motivate you to change. You need to decide how you take it. It’s always your choice to move or cry? Face the truth, change it up and decide to get healthier and fitter instantly this year. Even better do it with a friend/collegue/family member and motivate them by sharing this article with them. It may be ass whooping you both need to get inspired and move!


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