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All the way back in 2005, I stumbled upon the Body of Work DVD. This is one of the most inspiring health and fitness documentary’s I’d ever seen, and was on of the catalyst for me being in the industry.

It’s probably also the reason for my involvement in many 12 week challenge, including the organization of them for my clients and gym members.

Watch it here:

Released for the first time in 1998 (on VHS), if you’ve been into the healthy, fitness and dieting arena for any time now and haven’t heard to the Body-for-Life (BFL) phenomena first created by Bill Phillips (pictured to the right), the here is what it’s all about.body for life bill phillips

It would have to be the pioneer of 12 week body transformation challenges available to the public and it started a spate of 12 week body transformation challenges world wide.

Having used the very real eating and exercise system myself years ago, I have to say that it was also very simple to follow, free and produced great results.

The program itself also focuses on the mindset of successful champions and challenges and not just on the right eating and exercise principles.

Having said that, I want you to understand the Body-for-Life principles …

  1. Eat six times a day, every two to three hours.
  2. Weight train intensely, no more than 46 minutes three times a week
  3. Do 20 minutes of high intensity cardio three times a week
  4. Plan and record each week
  5. Practice the Universal Law of Reciprocation by giving unselfishly.

Nothing really out of the ordinary here and they’re pretty much the same principles that all successful programs use. Including Metabolic Precision and Burn the Fat based program that I prescribe to my clients who have achieved outstanding results with.

Body transformation really doesn’t take that much, but we can always learn new things from other successful transformers.

Here are my (from what I learnt) top 10 success secrets from the Body-for-Life Champions and Challenges (official guide) book.

Once again, believe in modelling success and you will find it much easier to achieve it, assuming you apply what you learn.

“There is a world of difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it.” – Bill Phillips

#1 Enter a challenge

Mike Harris, the 50+ year old 2006 Grand Champion of Body-for-Life says to enroll in a challenge officially. Whether it be the BFL challenge or something local at your gym, just Google 12 week body transformation challenge and you will find heaps of challenges to enter. An official challenge with a big reward at the end also help you keep more accountable and as Mike states – the more accountable you are the more likely you are to succeed.

#2 Think Twice

Andrew Crouch, 2006 Grand Champion age 18-28 says to post a “before” picture (the ugly one) of yourself on you fridge. When you see it every day you’ll think twice about what you eat. See an example of his Body for Life diet plan here.


#3 Think Like a Champion

Surround yourself with positives, because a lot of people will be negative (only because they know they should be doing something, too). Have a do-or-die attitude. Envision yourself a winner each day.

#4 Create a shopping list

Backed by science, according to the a study from the university of New York, shoppers who don’t use a shopping list  are more likely to choose high calorie impulse foods than shoppers who plan ahead and use a written list. This might explain the concept that if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.

Discover Body for Life recipes and shopping list here.

#5 Record your workouts and watch the clock

I may seem tedious, but planning and executing a workout produces results that you can monitor and track. Make sure you take your full minute rest between sets, this will ensure your workout runs for no longer than 45 minutes. Any more than 45 minutes may prove tedious, physically and emotionally draining.

#6 Eliminate Temptations

Eliminate any junk food from your pantry, freezer and refrigerator. The truth is that usually what you see is what you eat. This is why shops that are wanting to get rid of stock will always place it at the counter, at the entrance or exit, because they know that shoppers will have to see it. Another tip here is that most of the fresh foods that you’ll ever need are around the outsides of the supermarket. With small exceptions (i.e. condiments), try and avoid going down center aisles where you know that bad stuff sits.

#7 Is coffee any good for you?

Backed by science is the fact that Women who drank 3 or more coffees each day where 30% less likely to have a decline in memory than woman who had just one cup of coffee a day or less. Don’t over do it though, experts recommend sticking with no more than 4 cups a day keeping you mentally alert when needed. It can also provide you with a good boost of energy for your workouts.

#8 Hand to Mouth

The Body-for-Life rule of thumb is that when you select a carb source of food it should be around the size of your clenched fist. Protein source should be based on the size of the palm of your hand. When selecting fat sources, such as oils and nuts they should be around about a tablespoon worth.

#9 Don’t get discouraged

If you haven’t lost the weight you had expected to lose in the first 12 weeks of your challenge, then don’t give up just start another challenge. If you fall off the band wagon to success, know that your plan will be right there where you left it.

#10 Practice the Universal Law of Reciprocation

Lastly but not leastly, be proud to practice the law of reciprocation. That is so something for someone without any expectation of payback in recognition. By giving more of yourself, of your time, of your knowledge or of something tangible you meet your optional need to contribute. By contributing and participating in life challenges you also help meet your optional need to grow, hence you will hence much more success and satisfaction back.

Needless Body-for-Life has been the cause of thousands of successful transformations world wide and continues to be to this day.

It has numerous books and documentaries associated with it program. Including the original Body-for-Life book, Champions Body-for-Life, Eating for Life, the BFL Success journal and the video documentary Body of Work (see above).


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