What Foods Have Carbs (Carbohydrates)?

What foods have carbs? Well firstly, before we answer that it’s important to understand the role that carbs or carbohydrates play in a healthy diet, then we can run through the foods that contain this major nutrient. When trying to lose weight aim for the below listed foods that are all healthy carb based.

Carbs are the primary source of energy for the mind and body. They provide oxygen and energy to our cells, therefore cutting carbs to an extreme like many fad diets recommend can have bad side effects. Of course, as with everything there is always the good and bad, so cutting sugary carbs can have extremely healthy and fat burning effects.

Wholegrain breads, pasta, rice and cereal (such as oatmeal)

Not critical but you can have them in limited amounts. These foods are important when eaten in moderation and they are the less refined versions, i.e. brown or wholemeal. Always follow package recommendations for serving sizes. Not only are they wholesome, but they also are quite filling because they are high in fibre, which is also crucial for a normal working digestive system. My basic rule of thumb here is that if you have exercised for the day have 1 serve immediately afterwards, otherwise try and avoid it for the day.

All Fruits

Critical to have in limited amounts. Generally these are classified as sugary carbs, as most fruit are high in fructose sugar, but guess what? It’s natural, and are much lower in calories than cakes, biscuits, lollies and the likes. So 2 – 3 pieces of fruit daily will not only provide your body with plenty of vitamins and minerals (that’s why their so colourful), but they also are high in water content, and fibre too, so they’ll help with your feeling of being satisfied until then next meal.

More Veges please!

Absolutely critical. Most people are still unaware that vegetables fit in the carbohydrate category. Have you noticed that all the foods above a derived from the ground? That’s correct if it comes from the ground it’s a carb. And yes if there was a certain food that you could generally have in unlimited amounts, it would probably be vegetables. Green leafy vegetables are the best, as they contain plenty of minerals and antioxidants. However, a good mix of colourful vegetables each day will certainly cleanse your body of waste matter, and will leave you feeling energized. Generally very low in calories, try and aim for 5 or more serving of vegetables per day. If they are potatoes or other starchy vegetables have no more than 2 serves per day.

This should answer your question of what foods have carbs and the best ones to have. Of course, there are also the bad kind of carbs that I’ve mentioned, such as cakes and sweets, and whilst it’s important also to indulge every so often, these types of unhealthy carbs are high in refined sugar and combined with high amounts of saturated fat, making them a threat to your health if eaten to often. A balanced diet is always the key, even if your trying to lose weight. Start your healthy eating with the right carbs today.


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