Why “Diets” Don’t Work Long Term

The reason why diets don’t work long term is because the way that people look at it. Generally they advocate extreme views on cutting out food groups which is unsustainable. The only method of achieving a healthy weight loss plan is through a balanced outlook on food consumption.

I want you to forget about being on a ‘diet’ because like most holiday’s, diet’s have a short term outlook and as the first three letters in the word suggest, you will most likely ‘die’ on a diet. Whether it be through lack of energy or failing on something that is unsustainable, that’s what fad diets generally turn out to be in most people’s lives.

So to understand what is really required I want you to change you language and psychology. That is that you need to start on a healthy nutritious eating plan in the beginning and that will in the long term just become the norm for you.

Being obese or overweight can cause a lot of troubles in your health which could also lead to even further health complications. We know there have been a lot of studies showing the negative health effects of being overweight such as cardiac problems, hypertension, and even diabetes. It will also hinder your movement such as running around or even from being able to sit yourself properly on a chair.

So what do most people do… embark on a short term diet in an effort to drop the kilos fast. I understand why a lot of people go on diets as a short term fix, to just get it done fast. It makes sense to try do it the quickest way possible because us humans want things done fast, right?

Truth is that’s probably the fastest way to fail, because you’re not learning sustainable habits. I believe, that the ONLY way to avoid the overweight symptoms long term would be by faithfully following a healthy weight loss plan at the start. But then then turns into a way of life and a healthy eating program which in the long term allows you to eat more great foods then you ever did before.

I suggest a healthy weight loss plan which begins by cutting down on the amount of food that you consume. This is one of the hardest parts of being on a weight loss program. The effort that it takes in order to let yourself go of those extra foods that you may be craving can turn into a real fight with yourself. But it doesn’t have to be if you remember your focus and remember your goal is to be healthy for life.

After setting your mind to eat less of the bad stuff, it will take some time for you to adjust to the new regimen. That’s a given, so accept it and don’t over think it. Sometimes, the abrupt change in the amount of food intake can directly affect your energy levels and moods, but that’s temporary as your levels return to normal as you stick to a sound plan whilst your body adapts and metabolism repairs.

Most people know that a long term program should usually recommend a plan full of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein sources and a smaller amount of healthy fats, whole grains and loads of water. So why do must of us fail then? Once again, they forget this…

There is no “diet” that will do what healthy eating does. Skip the “diet” and just eat healthy!

In the end when you start a healthy weight loss plan, you should always go in with the mindset that this style of eating is for life. It will be a difficult process in the beginning both physically and mentally especially after being used to taking in a lot of bad foods. What you have to keep in mind is the benefit of the end result – your healthy leaner body.

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