Kettlebell Girevoy Sport in Geelong

Kettlebell Sport, otherwise known as Girevoy Sport has now arrived in Geelong. On Saturday 13th October 2018 at 9:30am, I held the first event, that demonstrated the new and exciting sport, that is now in motion to be held at the Olympics in the future.

After over 5 years in the sport including being a twice representative for Australia at the World Championships, I thought it was my duty to start the community here in Gtown.

Kettlebell Sport is a cyclical sport much like running, swimming and bike riding. Cyclical meaning that you must repeat an exercise for as many repetitions as possible within a given time limit. It’s a skill the requires much patience, strength, endurance, determination and technique.

There are three traditional lifts in Kettlebell Sport – Snatch, Jerk and Long Cycle. The movements are similar to the barbell versions, however adjusted to use either a single or double kettlebells.

There are various time limits to test the amount of repetitions you can perform, but the traditional time is 10 minutes non stop. Competitors are also ranked via body weight classes and the kettlebell weight lifted.

Already huge in it’s birth nation Russia and now sweeping through the rest of Europe and America. We are now building the Kettlebell sport community from our base here in Lara at Be Strong Fitness Geelong.

The official and registered non-for-profit Girevoy Sport Australia Association (GSAA) has a member base around Australia, which has tripled over the last 3 years through strong communities in areas all around the country. Now Geelong needs to build and follow the likes of Bendigo, Albury, Griffith, Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart and parts of Queensland and Western Australia.

2017 National Kettlebell Championships at Albury Entertainment Center

There you have the basic principles about this amazing up and coming sport.

If you’re looking to learn how to get into Kettlebell sport then the Geelong Kettlebell Sport Club get together for an open lift training session every Saturday from 8:00am – 9:30am.

No experience is necessary, in fact this is a great sport for everyone from complete beginners who are looking to get fit to experience lifters who are looking for a new challenge.

If you have no idea what to do, then there is nothing to worry about either as I will guide you (having previously worked in the fitness industry for 10 years), through the process of beginner right through to your first competition.

And there are over 10 competitions around Australia each year to aim for.

We welcome new personal to join the Geelong Kettlebell Sport Club at anytime. Contact me and come see what it’s all about, and have a swing.


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Geelong Kettlebell Class

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