My Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Review

I previously mentioned about the Problems with a 12 Week Challenge. But to be honest they’ve probably been responsible for more body transformations then any other format of challenges out there, because they challenge people to take on new habits for longer. Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is another book that advocates 12 Weeks to a new you and was the second industry expert to introduce to me real and honest health and fitness concepts that work. The first was Bill Phillips, Body For Life. So I thought that this month post should be dedicated to the book that gave me one of the most honest ways to transform your body. One of my goals has always been to help people find the best quality information online to allow them lose fat permanently, so I wanted to provide you my personal Burn the Fat Feed The Muscle review.

If you are ready for something that will potentially change your body (and life) for good, then my opinion, after years of crash dieting experience and seeing and analyzing more than my fair share of diet programs, schemes, and regimes from the years 2002 – 2007, I was actually relieved when I came across the Burn the Fat program. Rest assured this program has been around for a quite some time now, and there are several aspects of the Burn the fat program that truly do separate it from the conventional latest and greatest program to help you lose weight. I am going to outline just 4 of the reasons that this can truly help you in the weight loss game.

1) The Professional Approach

This really is the complete package. You see most program will give you the “how to”. But very few delve into the main force that drives someone to lose weight. Tom discusses the whole mental attitude a person needs to have behind losing weight. He talks about goal setting, body image and discusses the huge topic of finding the right emotion behind transforming your body. Without understanding these fundamentals 98% of people that attempt to lose weight fail, it’s definitely something worth applying if you want permanent results.

Being written by a certified professional and natural body builder, he also talk greatly on tracking results though body composition. Lean muscle is important in creating the right metabolic environment, and most crash diets these days just lead to muscle loss and a lower metabolism. In a separate guide “How to Measure Body Fat in Your Own Home”, Tom discusses how to use calipers and girth measurements to properly understand the results that you get. If you want to lower your body fat levels and stay lean with muscle tone (which leads to a higher metabolism) then this is also a “need to know”.

2) The Burn the Fat Provide Long Term Success that’s Customizable to You!

Any health professional understands that you can’t just give someone a generic diet and expect everyone to have the same success. In the fat loss game these is no one size fits all. Hence the Burn the Fat program will educate you to be able to create your own fitness program and has customizable eating plans dependent on you and what stage you are with your body and fitness. Fat loss is like any self-improvement success, it doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen without work.  However, it will happen and you will lose as much weight as you like if you have a blueprint to follow and a plan as to how you are going to carry it out and that’s what Tom’s program will teach you.

Within the main Burn the Fat manual you will learn everything you need to know about eating right.  You will learn how to eat properly, what foods to avoid, what foods to include that will make you fuller and keep your metabolism higher, which foods won’t, how much water you should drink exactly, and also the ABC of foods that you MUST prioritize and eat.

Calories consumed are also big within this plan.  What should you eat, how do you burn the most calories, even while you are resting, and what are the top exercises for burning calories and how to program them into your very own routine. Plus you’ll learn some delicious low calorie foods that can fill you up and still be healthy. Tom also throws in this very own “Tasty Fat loss and Lean Muscle Gaining Recipes” book, which includes some of my favorite tasty recipes including – “Chocolate Banana Protein Bars”, “Curried Chicken” and “Chocolate Brownies”.

This is just the start in the 300+ page Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle guide. You will truly learn everything you need to know about long term fat loss success and body transformation and after you take in just some of these tips you will be prepared to lose weight for the long term!

3) Real people, real success.

Obviously, outside of all the features, benefits and support of the guide, if people do not succeed then the program is useless right? Real world success stories is very important to me and having used the programs guidance myself I am one those successes. If people are not succeeding around me (and if I haven’t succeeded), then I would never recommend it. Whether it’s a program to help you lose weight or to help you get a tight mid-section, the claims have to match the product quality or I don’t push it. It is as simple as that. Having access to the Burn the Fat program will give you the foundation to lose as much weight as you want… period.

The cool part is that I have heard stories of people losing much more than 100 lbs. You can check out the real world success stories on the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle website. There is one thing that is not disclosed too well on the website, but if you take advantage of the Burn the Fat program, you can also enter the number challenges Tom runs through out the year to transform your body. Body Transformation Challenges not only serve as great motivation to transform your body, but you can generally win Holidays, iPods and various other giveaways if you enter and win. This is exclusive to Burn the Fat owners only.

4) In the end what do you have to lose (but fat), as you can get your money back.

TomVenutoI believe that this program is the best quality ‘no nonsense’ exercise and weight loss book, bar none. It was written by 7 times natural bodybuilding champion Tom Venuto and it attempts to teach people all aspects of losing weight and proper nutrition so you can feed the muscles appropriately and increase metabolism naturally. It focuses on building lean muscle tone and lose weight which will allow you burn more calories even at rest, which should be the ultimate goal for anyone looking to lose weight.

The Burn That Fat Feed the Muscle book by Tom Venuto is very comprehensive and you’ll understand what direction you should take, whilst providing you with plenty of nutritional and exercise plan options. Burn the Fat is backed by a no questions ask, 100% 60 day iron clad guarantee on your investment.  So, if you don’t lose weight, you can ask for all your money back, and that is the safest weight loss investment you’ll ever make.burn the fat feed the muscle


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