Success Stories

My proven program has helped countless clients of all ages, sizes and shapes reach their goal(s), and lead a healthy active lifestyle.

They all had one thing in common, trouble staying consistent with their eating and/or exercise and in the end were honest with themselves in realizing they needed some help. Now, they’re all success stories with the right mindset, skills and habits to keep the weight off for good.

Theresa O’Mahoney

  • theresabeforeafterLost 15kg and 20% body fat
  • Tough Mudder & multiple challenge events, fun runs including a half marathon.

“I am really impressed with the results that Roger has helped me achieve. I have found Roger to be very motivating and extremely knowledgeable especially being able to work around the fact I have rheumatoid arthritis. He has helped me with achieve weight loss, decrease body fat, increase strength, and confidence  through a  routine incorporating exercise, diet and encouragement. These are things that I thought that were beyond my reach, I have even been able to reduce the amount of medications that I need to take.”

Sue Parry


  • Lost 16kg and over 12% body fat
  • 2 x Tough Mudder, Stadium stomp, fun runs including half marathon.
  • 840km bike ride for charity.

“I have learnt so much from Roger since we started this ride together! I now listen to my body when I train which has helped me achieve the results so far. He is funny and loves pushing me beyond my limits. I’m sure he gets a kick out of it. I don’t think I would have done as well with any other trainer – he is no push over!”

Jesse Watson

jesseLost 4kg and 4% Body fat and over 10cm in just 4 weeks.


Lisa Laskovski

  • Lost 7kg in 8 weeks and 32cm of girth.
  • Eats more than ever all whilst fitting in her favourite dress for her friends wedding.
  • Kicked her 20 year smoking habit.

Lynette Hoskings


Melissa Parry (on Behalf of Andrew Parry)


  • Lost 14kg in just 8 weeks
  • Over 30cm in girth measurements!

“Roger changed the life of my brother. At 22 years old he is autistic and weighed 122kgs. His lifestyle habits were fried chips and dim Sims. He now chooses a sandwich over McDonald’s and the results are amazing!! My brother is now 108kgs and has never looked better! Everyone comments on how much healthier he looks and just cant get over it. He is now less prone to diabetes (which he was at a very high risk of) and added at least another 10 years to his life. Getting and autistic person to change their ways if harder than you think! Alot of trainers would have turned their nose up but Roger looked at this challenge with a massive smile on his face and couldn’t wait to get started! We owe everything to Roger, he really is an amazing personal trainer and we love going to every session with him!”

Monika W.


  • Lost 9kg, went from 37% to 28% body fat.
  • Lost 25cm in total girth measurements (including 10cm around the waistline) – all in 10 weeks!

“I now have 28% body fat, which is much better then 37% and although it seems that I have not lost as much weight as I though I would, I am actually much stronger than I was before I started. My muscles have become much firmer and possibly leaner. My size 16 clothes are now too loose! I will be trying on my size 14’s over the next few days and re-organising my wardrobe. With the weight training that Roger supervised me with I feel stronger and have more stamina. I am running up and down stairs at work, when most of the colleagues find it a burden. I am so happy with my core strength; those plank workouts really do work. Roger is great with his positive influence and snippets of enlightenment concerning the way we can improve ourselves mentally and physically. Going on this challenge allowed me to concentrate on my end result and seeing what can be achieved!”

Maree Lowmaree

  • Lost 5kg of body fat, went from 42% to 32% body fat in 8 weeks!
  • Lost 45cm in total girth measurements (including 7cm around the waistline).

Julie Galea

  • Lost 7 kilos of fat and dropped 6% body fat in 8 weeks.

“Thanks Roger :), you are definitely an excellent trainer and a great inspiration, I feeling more confident and more fit and stronger than what I was! You helped me in many ways with the right exercises and how to do them properly and eating the right foods so I learnt a lot from you also and feel motivated to keep going! Much appreciated thanks heaps :)”

Meryem Abduselam

  • Lost 3kg, 4% body fat and 8cm around the waistline in just 4 weeks 

“Over the past month which included just eight sessions, I’ve see a dramatic change unlike I’ve ever seen before. I was pushed to my limits and got rewarded with a lost of 3 kilos. I am extremely grateful for Rogers help throughout this time and I recommend him to anyone who wants a fun and interactive relationship with their personal trainer and most importantly I recommend him to anyone who wants to lose weight. Because, as evident in my time spent with him, his methods and training skills work.”

Sara Jankovic

“I used to think the only way to lose weight was through exercising and fad diets, little did i know i was completely wrong! Diet is 60% of weight loss and that’s one thing I’ll never forget! Exercise is important too, but the way to live a healthy lifestyle is through your diet and I’m definitely going to avoid going backwards! Roger definitely played a massive part in my diet and lifestyle change and if it wasn’t for his great motivation, I wouldn’t have achieved the results I have today :)”

Shirlene King

“When I first started I was what I considered very unfit, lacked strength and had low-self esteem & body image. After my first couple of workouts I felt like I’d been hit by a truck and every muscle was ached. But with the belief and assistance of Roger I knew i wanted to improve and do better. The weekly check-ups really helped to motivate me and even if I made small gains on paper I knew I was making big gain emotionally. My self esteem was improving every week and I look forward to my PT sessions, and my PT sessions, exercise and eating become a natural part of my week. When I started, Roger help me quit smoking after 20 years and before I knew it 4 weeks had passed and I was really experiencing the physical benefits. I can’t thank Roger enough for his encouragement and personalized tailored approach in making my challenge fun and a success for me.”

Neil Agipis

“Roger gave me a routine that involved heavy weight training but with a focus on good form. With my biggest priority being strengthening my shoulder this was a great routine as I could feel the joint getting stronger. I found myself doing exercises I never thought that I would be able to ever do with my injury and lifting weights I never thought possible. Roger also put a lot of focus on improving my diet. I really started to feel healthier when I added WAY more leafy greens to my daily diet.”

kevdelcosKevin Del Castillo

“I was going over my coaching notes last night…and I tell ya what; it has made a huge impact in my life. It’s nothing religious/cult like or some airy fairy BS. It’s about self realization/awareness and looking for solutions to achieving the things you want in life rather than focusing on the problems (which psychologists/psychiatrists focus on way too much making even more problems and making it worse for you)

It has saved my life; and I’m eternally grateful. And I’m very thankful to my Coach Roger; thanks a million champ…you’ve helped me to see more to life than 99.9% of the public. If only Life coaching was mainstreamed into schools…Man how this world & society would be so different.”

gabevansGabrielle Evans

“Roger was absolutely fantastic to work with. He was always there when I need his expertise to navigate food and exercise in everyday life. He came prepared for every coaching session and was very professional throughout our working relationship. What I liked about Roger most as a client, is that he was always honest with me and never put up with my bullshit. Instead of accepting my excuses for not sticking to the plan, he would create solutions and remind me of what I had already learnt. I liked that he tested me on my knowledge once I had consumed all the many online resources he offered. That got it in my head and gave me the confidence to experiment more with my diet. His cooking tutorials are the best (you can tell he’s a good cook) and as a coach, he really does know how to get results from his clients. I’ll always be grateful this experience and feel very privileged to know I can rely on Roger to support me again as I continue to lose weight and improve my fitness levels.”

Effie Tsilfidiseffie

I managed to lose 7.5 kg in a 90 day challenge that was organised by Roger. 

Roger has been inspirational and the effect he has had on my well-being is remarkable, like many others I knew I had to get  fitter and healthy, I new exercise and healthy eating was the key. The turning point for me was the atmosphere Roger created in his sessions, it was welcoming non judgmental and clearly focused towards health and well-being goals. I was attending up to 3 times a week on a regular basis. He organised and promoted an eating plan consistently questioning and where necessary re-directing my eating to ensure goals were met. The intensity of the varied exercises increased as my stamina and ability improved.

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