Are You Making These 4 Muscle Building Mistakes?

Many people are becoming aware of the importance of building lean muscle to maintain a healthier body and just look and feel good. But when I say so “many”, I think we have a long way to go as a general population. Last figure I heard coming from the Australian Beurea of Stats what that only about 1% of the population was participating in weights training. So out of that 1%, why are so many people failing to achieve their muscle building goals too? We’ll discuss four of the most common muscle building mistakes made by people wanting to get a well built body.

1. Giving up before allowing your body to get stronger, bigger!

Where are my muscles already?

As much as it take time to lose weight it take just as much time if now more, to building lean muscle mass. I don’t care who you are, while some people may find that they put on muscle easier, they will still have to work for it. Instant gratification isn’t going to happen, and it’s certainly not going to happen over night. There are no shortcuts here, if you want to build raw muscle you’ll need patience, persistence and just plain hard work eating a lot of great food and pushing a lot of heavy metal at the gym. No special diet, exercise machine or supplement will ever replace those three factors, so ensure you stick to it, and don’t give up.

2. Allowing too much testosterone to take over

I’ve seen it so many times where younger less developed guys or beginners trying to build muscle will check out the muscle bound bloke on the bench and try and match his weight. All to find that he can lift the bar and the moment it hit’s his chest he can’t even lift it off after just one rep. Testosterone is good and it helps us build muscle, but too much will lead to showing off and it will just get you in trouble. Injury can occur and more commonly cheating to move the weights which is just counterproductive can cause you to target the wrong muscle for the specific exercise, meaning less gains. Everyone’s different so try and beat your previous best and not someone elses.

3. Not keep track

That leads me to the next point of keeping a journal. Keeping a journal where you see what weight you lifted last week and trying to increase the load each week is the only way you’ll see the results, and keep progressing. Especially if you doing 3-4 workouts a week. I don’t know about you, but keeping track of all the weight, reps and sets you do each session should be impossible. While you think you might be increasing each week the only way to truly know if you’re tracking well, is to see what you wrote down last session. If you can’t remember what you did last, you might find yourself in the comfort zone and just sticking to the same weight, which is another good reason to keep a journal.

4. Not setting short term goals

Long term goals are great and are crucial to your long term success and vision. Arnold Schwarzenegger, used to visualize his biceps as peaks of mountains, how do you visualize the muscles on your body? Also don’t neglect short term action goals. Probably equally important and will keep you accountable to your long term goal and vision. For instance you could have a short term action goal of just performing four weight workouts this week, or maybe putting on four pounds (2kg) of muscle this month. Having short term goals will ensure you are making progress towards your long term goals.

If you feel you are making any of the above muscle building mistakes then I highly recommend you take the time to rectify it. Ensuring you don’t make the above mistake will ensure your muscle building efforts don’t go to waste and your long term goals becoming real. If you want to know more about why muscles grow stronger as you get leaner click here.

In my book I write about 4 more reasons why people fail to get their goals. Whether it be muscle building or losing weight, you will definetly want to know what’s killing any chances of you getting fitter, faster, stronger and leaner!


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