Formal exercises of some sorts is all that matters when you’re starting

What’s the best type of exercise I should do? Truth is, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you choose one and do some formal type of exercise. And continue to do that which is fun and challenging for you to do so that you can stick with it.

Two years ago I was involved with running three type of fitness classes that cattered for three types of audiences.

1.Kettlebell X training – My favourite early morning and prework training sessions involved Kettlebells which was more for those who wanted to push their body with the extra resistance that came from the also know as “kettleballs”.

2. Mums and Bubs – But just as inspiring to see was the mums that used their bodies and their babies as motivation to move their bodies and just be generally healthy. Prams, bubs and all they came to exercise their bodies to feel better, look better and so they can best serve their babies in the future.

3. Fit club and Box fit – Wth the afternoon and afterwork warriors who where inspired by also moving just their bodies as a way to stay in the game and keep healthy and strong. Many would use fit club as their main source of formal exercise, but also as a social outlet which was great too see.

Of course they where just the three types of classes I ran, but you can also partcipate in weights training, martial arts, dancing, pilates, yoga, other random gym classes, running, walking, jogging, skipping, stretching, swimming and the list goes on.

Point is, it doesn’t matter what just do something that will help you get your fit body on.


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