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You have heard of the Kettlebell, but did you know there was a club they soley focuses on its proper use? We have started the first dedicated Kettlebell Club in the Geelong area. Kettlebells in Australia, although may seem to be in every gym, are still a very unknown and scary piece of equipment for most. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When used correctly the humble old Kettlebell can be very fun and effective to use. When used properly they provide many benefits. Such as, improved strength in areas of the body which you didn’t even know existed – such as your wrists, hips and ankles. All of which play very important roles in supporting the bigger muscle groups in the arms, legs and torso.

Not only is the ball and handle great in strengthening your muscles and toning your body, but it can be used as a great way to strengthen your heart. This very low impact form of cardio, will help you to lose weight (if that is what you are after), and increase your cardio vascular capacity with all the joint impact that traditional cardio training such as running would give you.

As mentioned before, few in Gyms are comprehensively trained in the art of Kettlebell lifting. Most likely because of the YouTube culture that surrounds us, I reckon about 99% of trainers I have spoken too have not even completed their Level 1 in Kettlebells. New Personal Trainers get taught the very basics in their certification courses, and the rest of their knowledge comes from the phone. However now there is a specific number of trainers that have dedicated years in mastering the efficient, effective use of the Kettlebell, through courses taught by the elite and participating in multiple competitions, including representation of Australia. Many of these trainers can now be found on the Girevoy Sport Australia website – the official online home of Kettlebell sport in Australia, and I’m proud to say that I’ve made that list.

Geelong Kettlebell Club circuit group
These members enjoying the benefits of proper Kettlebell training, in Lara Geelong.

I started the Kettlebell Club in Geelong, Lara, because I saw the need for a dedicated group that wanted to use this unique equipment the correct way, along with learn more about the Sport. No one in the area has created an open lift style training sessions where you can learn at your own pace and still be provided with structure as you progress. We’re not your standard circuit training, but rather we focus on mastering the fundamentals so that we can progress to heavier bells and more complex exercises.

From complete beginners to advanced gym goers, our open lift training sessions are every Saturday morning from 8am – 9.30am. The whole session is simply $10 to cover the cost of a casual gym access. If you’re interested in learning more you can either contact me here or join the Facebook group – Geelong Kettlebell Club.

We look forward to see you lifting the bells confidently.


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Geelong Kettlebell Class

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