What are the Best Type of Exercise Programs for Fat Loss

There is only one safe and sure way to lose weight and that is to combine healthy eating with regular exercise and a healthy active lifestyle. But when it comes to choosing the best exercise programs for weight/fat loss, many people are confused. Sometimes, even experts don’t seem to agree, as to which is the “best” way. The truth is there is no one size fits all eating and exercise plan.

Do you believe that cardio training is the main way to lose weight?

Some people believe that cardiovascular exercises are best for weight loss. This is what the general public believe as the best way to lose weight. You just have to look at my commercial gyms that have a bigger cardio area then weight training. They’re just giving people what they believe they want. But that doesn’t mean it’s what they need necessarily.

Cardio training, is important in an attempt to actively burn calories in the hope that you’ll consume less through food to lose weight. However, strong research suggests that resistance/weight training is the key for people who want to shed the pounds and keep it off for life.

Don’t get me wrong, cardio is a fantastic form of exercise, especially if you need to lose a lot of weight. And you are also using your muscles to consume oxygen and expend calories. But in reality (and you can ask an PT/Physical therapist or Strength and Conditioning coach about this)… Cardio should be complimentary to resistance form of training in the long term and here is why…

People looking for fat loss programs that work the best MUST go for one that incorporates weight and cardiovascular training. Age old and continued new studies have shown that having more lean muscle can help people burn fat through an increase of your base metabolic rate (also referred to as BMR in the industry).

Put simply it takes more calories to maintain muscle on your body than it does to maintain fat. Those who are more muscular can afford to consume more good nutrition than those who are overweight or less muscular.

Some people believe that you can’t increase lean muscle and burn fat at the same time. Well that’s not entirely true either. An effective exercise programs for fat loss, with resistance training, should have a goal of actually building lean muscle in an effort to reduce fat cells in the short and for long term.

Now if you already understand that weights training is important, but perform aerobics or cardiovascular exercises before resistance training, then here is why you shouldn’t. A 10 minute warm-up is fine, however if muscle increases you chance to increase lean muscle and have a high metabolism why would you leave your weights training until last?

Leaving it till last may render you less energetic and make your resistance training session less effective. Some people may even tend to skip it, because they’re used all their energy on cardio activity. I’d suggest always perform resistance training before cardio exercise.

Some people, mainly women, are uncomfortable doing weight or resistance training exercise. This is because they have the impression that it will cause them to have bulky muscles or it’s too hard. If they exercise at all, they generally resort to just cardio alone.

The truth is, it’s very difficult for women to get bulky muscles, due to their tip in the favour estrogenic hormones, which is different to the testosterone levels of males that help them build bulky muscle. Even then for males, you must eat right to build new muscle, as it just doesn’t come from “doing weights”.

For anyone (including women) resistance training is crucial to continue to burn fat and give them the lean muscles. This allows them to have the appearance of a toned and firm body, though weights training and not just cardio.

The fact is that the most effective fat loss exercise programs that work involve the use of weights or resistance. Exercises that involve compound movements. Compound movements require the use of more than one muscle group over multiple joints and are the most effective for fat loss.

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There are a plethora of training styles and workout routines out there in this day and age. And there is a lot to learn as always with the best exercise programs for fat loss. But in my experience, the biggest concern is people’s consistency to stick to a basic routine first, before they advance to more concentrated routines. Get the best results from going back to basics in resistance training and a complimentary cardio routine.


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