Powerful Goal Setting and Finding Your Why

Part 2 of my book has the next 6 chapters and weekly series of videos which will help you focus on getting a high performance mindset. The next few weeks are designed to truly take you to the next level of the mental game so that you continue eating well and maybe even increase your training efforts. But it all come down to you actually doing the work. That is reading the chapters, watching the video at the end of each chapter and performing the mindset exercises at the end of each chapter. Seems like a lot of work, but how bad do you want it?

I refer to this as the X Factors Behind Body Transformation. Not many health and fitness “guru’s” will talk about this to their clients because to be honest it’s probably too deep, or they are unaware of it themselves. But If you understand these very simple concepts I have no doubt it can improve every area of your life once applied.

Remember to perform the end of chapter exercises within the moments of you reading it and watching the video, otherwise you will forget what you read and watched. Look at it this way; reading a book about fitness and waiting until next month to get started won’t get you fit. It’s the same with mindset. Read/watch and take massive action straight away. Give yourself some time to prepare and perform the mindset exercises, after all I reckon it wouldn’t take more than 30 minutes each week, and then get on with things.

This is vital to you to you writing your new story in health and fitness.

X Factor #1: Lack of REAL Desire

When you find and continually remember the deep reason why, you will find the how. You must have the ‘real desire to transform’, the ‘real desire to change’. Now this is not as simple as it sounds. Everyone would like to change something in their lives, such as lose weight and keep it off, but the problem is most people go into it without the real desire to change.

What is the real desire to transform then? Well it has to come from within. It shouldn’t come from an environment or someone else telling you that you have to lose weight (such as your friends or family). If someone is telling you this then you’re most likely doing it to make them happier and not yourself. Instead you could do it to be happier with yourself and in turn they will benefit, but doing it only for them and you’re doomed, do it for yourself and you will succeed.

What fuels REAL desire to transform then?

Emotions. Once you find your “why”; find the reasons (the emotion), that will cause energy in motion (e-motion). Why is it exactly that you want to transform your body and lose weight? Now when I ask most people this question the first response I’ll get is to look good, feel better or be fit. Great, everyone wants those things! No, what I’m talking about is something deep and meaningful to you as to why you want to transform your body.

Think really hard, really deep down as to why you want to lose weight. Isn’t it the pain of not being able to fit in your old clothes any more, maybe it’s the fact that you feel embarrassed to go topless at the beach or maybe it’s the fact that you don’t want to be overweight for your wedding day and then have to look back at your photos like that for the rest of your life.

It could even be as plain and simple as not being prone to the biggest cause of death – heart disease. This accounts for roughly 30% of all deaths, as opposed to something like homicide which doesn’t even come in the top 20 causes (less than 1%) and I’m sure you fear that even more… right? Why not start by associating not having the body want with being prone to heart disease, clogged arteries, heart attacks and I’m sure that will get you moving in the right direction. These are all great painful examples why you’d want to change and here is why…

Our Twin Driving Forces

Here’s the thing, everything we do in life is driven by these top level emotions – pleasure and pain, and guess what they’re not opposites. Let me repeat everything you do is to avoid pain and gain pleasure, and this notion has existed since the beginning of human existence. Let me explain, back in the prehistoric days of humans at a deep level man was able to subconsciously recognise that a sabre tooth tiger would eat them and they would respond by running away to try and avoid the pain of death and gain the pleasure of continued life.

Conversely, whenever a potential animal was around ready to be hunted for food the brain would subconsciously go into auto-pilot and be drawn to gaining the pleasure of eating and avoiding the pain of starvation. This skill is such a valuable one to have that it evolved through human existence and has become a subconscious thing for all of us (i.e. you don’t have to think about it).

Let’s cut to today, we all have those same response mechanisms inside our minds. However, when it comes to losing weight the greatest danger we have is being embarrassed, fearful of failure, fear of what people think, rejection, etc. So, instead of linking physical pain to getting a bite from a tiger the brain has linked up the pain from going to the gym and having a workout, or eating good health foods as tasteless, and we try and avoid the pain. Conversely, the moment some “nice tasty” junk food is around these days we link gaining pleasure with the experience of eating it.

Now, one of the real reasons “why” most people want to lose weight is because they feel pain from being at a certain level with their bodies. Through that pain they want to arrive to the feeling of pleasure from being leaner, stronger and more attractive. Now it’s those two forces that depending on how and what you focus on will dictate what action you take towards achieving your goals.

Let me elaborate. If you continually focus on the pain of being overweight and not feeling comfortable going to beach, but at the same time focus on the pleasure you will feel once you hit the gym, knowing that undoubtedly you will be one step closer to hitting your ideal body, then don’t you think you’ll be more inclined to take that first step in getting a better body? Conversely, if you just link going to the gym with the pain of a workout, and that going to beach in your current state with pleasure, then do you think you’ll make the decision to take the first step to better body? Probably not.

You see where you focus your pain and pleasure on dictates what you do, and learning this concept is truly empowering. This is the basic explanation of pain and pleasure and I’m sure if you think about it you could think of quite a few real reasons why you do everything you do, whether that be to avoid pain, or gain pleasure. Try and ensure you attach the right reasons to the actions you take. The beauty of this is that you can actually choose what pain and pleasure you focus on with every action you take. And this once you grasp the concept is powerful and will drive you to achieving any goal in life.

Now it’s your turn, find out exactly what will drive you to transform. I need you to think deeply of the real reason “why” you want to transform your body. What pain is it that you’re experiencing from having the body that you have and what pleasure do you want to get from transforming it? Think hard and deep and if you come up with the answer such as “I just want to be fit”, then ask yourself this. Why do you want to be fit? Is it really to just be fit, or is it to stop feeling fat and look more attractive in your skin, that dress and in turn to your partner (or future partner)? Is it to look awesome for your beach holiday? Or is it just so you can play freely and keep up with your kids, grand kids, etc.

Once you have found your three top reasons to gain pleasure and avoid pain, I will expand in the next reason why people fail, how you can change your beliefs around those feelings to drive you to getting a better body. Remember honesty is the best policy here, so open up to yourself and be as specific and honest as you can.

Action Exercises

Write down 3 pleasurable reasons why you want to transform your body (this will also help form your goal later on)?




Then, write down 3 painful reasons that will remain if you don’t change your habits and achieve your body transformation hopes?




The Moment of Truth – DECIDE NOW!

Decision dictates our destiny and you can decide right now to change the way you think, look, feel and ACT! Do you want a better body? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to fit in the slim line dress? Do you want to look good with your top off? Do you want to be more attractive to your partner or future partners? Whatever the reason, you must decide here and now, beyond doubt why and then make the decision to change.

In fact make it a conviction, do something drastic as a signal that it’s time. Throw away the crap from your kitchen cupboards, throw away old fat clothes (keep some to wear of course) and say enough is enough!

Now, by reading this report you have already taken a huge leap, but now I want you to already be thinking about the next action step, i.e. go for a walk after you read this, go join a gym, whatever it takes. Start taking action to get your goal and don’t stop until you do.

I have heard people say it takes up to 21 days to instil new habits, I say that average figure can be beaten easily by just making a few modification to your actions right now and deciding what you want your future body to look like.

Next time you go for that candy bar, Sloppy Joes hamburger, or gallon of cola ask yourself is this taking me towards my goal? Is eating this going to get me closer to my goals? Associate massive pain to eating something bad and attach massive pleasure to avoiding it.

Next time you decide to skip a workout, through pure laziness, ask yourself the same questions and then decide to take action towards your goals instead. Once again link the pleasure of having a better body in going to do that workout instead of the pain you are going to get by doing it.

It’s your decisions that creates the difference between winning and losing, so visualise yourself in your new body and get going. It’s that moment of decision that will shape your future body.

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